shopping shenanigans

couldn’t find/come up with any fitting (aussie slang) innuendos so had to settle for this lol but i guess it works pretty well too, as a reference to why haru is so hard to get on top of the obvious animal motif so

I put waaaay too much thought into this

You know how the main guys of Free! each have a spirit animal? Haru is a dolphin, Makoto is an orca, Nagisa is a penguin, Rin is a shark, and Rei is a beautiful butterfly? Yeah, so a few weeks ago, I had the throwaway thought that Nitori would be a remora hanging off of Rin.

Then, sometime this morning, I was hit with the thought that no, he’s not a remora, he’s a cobia. They’re related to remoras, and look pretty similar as juveniles, but they can grow up to be over six feet long. Ai just hasn’t grown into himself yet.