animal lover


I know this isn’t marching band related but I feel the need to share this on here with all of you. My friend Vanessa had adopted a puppy that my other friend, Caroline had rescued from Costa Rica.

A few weeks ago, he fracture his leg. His surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, however it will cost a lot of money. The problem is, Vanessa is having trouble paying for all of it, and if she doesn’t have the money by tomorrow, the surgery will not be performed. She dropped him off at the vet yesterday. If Marcelo (the puppy) does not get the surgery ASAP, then his bones will start to improperly heal. Please help. Hopefully, some of you are in the holiday spirit. Any donation will be greatly appreciated. Even if it is only $1.

End your year on a charitable note! This month we are very lucky to have a private donor offer to match all public donations up to $25,000. We are depending on your help to keep our momentum going! 100% of your donation will go towards field programs, in-range conservation, and animal management. Just think of what we can do next year with your support!