• DREAM UPDATE  4900-3104-4085 part 3
  • THEME — zen

I did some minor landscaping and rearranged all the flowers in my town! There’s also new villagers to meet and greet as well as new paths to see 

(ᅌᴗᅌ* )

I’m not too sure about the new paths in my town so feel free to tell me what you think ;;

thank you to all the people who came and visit last time! Don’t forget to tag 'mayorleena' and share some of your favorite places in my town (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


I’ve updated my dream address at long last!
Town is still somewhat under construction, especially south. One house is still not finished, but I’m slowly getting there (there’s also a big ugly spot where the 4th house will be constructed, plz ignore it XD).

However, there is plenty to see since I hit the pwp limit today, I have two fully built and furnished houses, and I have my 10 dreamies who are ALL frogs. :3

I’m sorry I forgot to put the presents out before updating, so you’ll have to wander around in pj. I’ll update again by the beginning of October, hopefully I won’t forget by then, lol.

Anyway, hope you enjoy yourself! ^__^/♥


finally.. this is finished! I started this piece about 2 months ago but dropped it for aggggeeees, finally picked it up again last week! all of the villagers in here are current, although I do have willow as a very new addition to my town.

also if anyone is interested I can offer to do these kinds of paintings for commission, just give me a message and can provide quotes. :)