My darling reilynn and I at Oslo Medieval Festival on Saturday! May I point out that she made almost every single piece of the outfit she’s wearing herself? Everything except the Celtic knotwork cloak, which is actually mine but just happened to match her clothes so perfectly! 

It was such a nice day, even though it was a bit cold. But we got warmed up at our favourite hangout, The Dubliner Folk Pub, afterwards :D 

Photo by froybot :) 

anonymous asked:

Is there a texture difference in Hubble and Ani/Balto's coat since Hubble is from a show line?

Yes :D hub’s coat is SO dense, like I can pour a bit of water on him and his dense fur holds it like a bowl, never touching his skin but not rolling off. Bathing him is ridiculous trying to get down in the undercoat and the skin. His guard hairs are courser but his undercoat is a literal cloud, its soft and springy, it sometimes makes me think of extremely soft fleece.

Ani has a plush coat but it is nothing like Hubble’s… hers is not nearly as dense, far easier to care for and her guard hairs are much softer. Her undercoat is soft but does not have the volume like hubbles

Balto and Noodle have similar coats, both flatter, even less dense than Ani’s coat, but their guard hairs are courser like Hubble’s. Surprisingly water proof though.

All of them are very soft to the touch, Hubble’s ears are like velvet lol. Ani’s fur tends to collect dirt a bit more than the others, think it has something to do with the softer guard hairs. 

anonymous asked:

I knew someone with littermate huskies in an apartment and I thought they were NUTS, but you seemed to have pulled it off somehow. Kudos!

I am nuts bahaha. Ani was the worst puppy ever. Like so bad my fiance wanted to throw in the towel and rehome them a few times (but he’s a cat person…). It was insane living in a high rise condo building and potty training those two turds. I was carrying them down the elevator so they would hold it in until I could barely carry both of them. At least they never peed on me right?

They did eat the carpet though one day when Balto broke out of his crate and released Ani from hers.

That was a bad day.

They are why we bought a house haha!