Anhanguera blittersdorffi, A. santanae, A. cuvieri, A. fittoni



NameAnhanguera blittersdorffi, A. santanae, A. cuvieri, A. fittoni

Name Meaning: Old Devil

First Described: 1985

Described By: Campos & Kellner 

ClassificationPterosauria, Caelidracones Pterodactyloidea, Eupterodactyloidea, Ornithocheiroidea, Pteranodontia, Pteranodontoidea, Ornithocheirae, Anhangueridae 

This pterosaur was asked for a month ago by a lovely anon as it is from the Santana Formation of Brazil! It was also found in the Upper Chalk Formation and Cambridge Greensand Formation in the UK and lived in the Early to Late Cretaceous, from the Apatian to the Cenomanian ages, from about 112 to 94 million years ago. It had a 4.5 meter wingspan and is known from many specimens. It had rounded crests on the tip of its snout and lower jaw, like its famous close relative Ornithocheirus. Its jaws broadened out towards the tip and had sharp thin teeth pointing outwards in a rosette to allow it to catch fish over the water. It had a small crest on the back of its skull like its relative Pteranodon. As it was found in many far reaching places, it probably could have had a cosmopolitan distribution, and possibly flew great distances. Its inner ear structure indicates that it held its head at an angle to the ground, allowing it to sense its balance. A. cuvieri and A. fittoni were from the Albian age in England, and A. santanae and A. blittersdorfi are from Brazil and in the Aptain age. There are specimens from Australia that might be another species altogether. 


Shout out goes to myotherangel!