You're Not Really Helping || Freddie + Angus

[Freddie was still shocked over last night’s events, truly. From the almost break up to the sex and her having a panic attack, it was a mess, a giant ass mess. It was all he could think about in class today and even later during practice. As he left the locker room he decided he needed to talk to someone, anyone, but he couldn’t think of who. Then as if by great design he figured: why not Angus? Dropping by his dorm room, he left his duffle then went a couple doors down to Angus’ room, knocking on the door.Hey bitch.

You Got A Brother In Me || Frangus

Freddie was freshly shaved, washed and with a clear mind. Or a somewhat clear mind, as good as it was gonna get. He’d driven around the block of the hospital at least seven times and he wasn’t too sure if he could do this, see him. It was weird, since he’d been in the hospital next to him for most of the time. But he guessed that being away made him more nervous. As he finally parked and took the bag of food with him, he walked easily through the hospital, most of the staff already knowing his name. But of course, he was Freddie Bueller. He nodded his recognition at a passing nurse then knocked on Angus’ room door, hoping no one was there. “Hey bitch.” Freddie spoke as he opened the door.

a-chadwell said:

[text] you're such a dick. this is me asking you for help cause i can't fucking think of anyone either.

[text] Ok ok! Shit, I’m thinking. Girls that are single and wouldn’t mind going to prom: Rosie Harwood, Lark Mumford..(even though she’s a sophomore), Alaska Henderson, Imogen Cole, AUDREY WHITTEMORE! Take Audrey, she’s great and pretty and she’ll be fun.

a-chadwell said:

[text] Again... THERE'S NO FUCKING THING AS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME STRIPPER. Where do you even get this shit? No homo from me, I don't blame you if you secretly want me.

[text] SOME GIRLS LIKE TO HOP UP ON THE POLE WHEN THEY GET EXTRA DRUNK, LIKE COYOTE UGLY! Uhm, no. I don’t secretly want you but uhm…nope, got nothing.

a-chadwell said:

[text] Can't blame me for doubting you, you did give my number to a stripper once, you asshole. No homo.

[text] But that was funny and I thought she was one of those “Once in a life time” strippers. I didn’t know it was a full time job. What’s with the no homo? Why are you lying?

a-chadwell said:

[text] I don't know whether to punch you or hug you. Punch probably. Do you just hand out my number to every chick around?

[text] You’ll slip and it’ll “accidentally” turn into a hug. Do you get random texts? No, I didn’t think so. I just gave it to her.

a-chadwell said:

[text] haven't met that rosie chick, is she cool? no to lark, too awkward, i'm too close to her sister. i doubt imogen would go with me, so now cheerleaders... fucking prom is too much effort.

[text] She’s cool man. I already told you, Audrey Whittemore. How the fuck are you gonna ask me for help and when I give you someone you don’t even think about them..? 

a-chadwell said:

[text] FUCK THAT. What the hell, she just guessed that you're flirting with me over text and decided to text me about it? Hey, fuck you, she knows my number so she knows better. Go mess with someone else, you bored bastard.

[text] Oh..OH NO! Ok, so I was texting you and accidentally sent it to her. And I think she thought it was girl and I told her it was you.

a-chadwell said:

[text] You and your girlfriend are creeping me the fuck out. ARE YOU BOTH FUCKING BORED?

[text] Really? God, I love that girl. WE’RE NOT IN THE SAME ROOM SO YES, WE’RE BORED! Dude, I think she thought it was another girl.