Fun fact: I’m working on designing the beginnings a comic/webcomic, titled Vanguards. It’s surely a bit of a ways to go before any kind of cover or page is pumped out, but it’s [surprisingly enough] getting there! 

Vanguards is going to be a superhero comic revolving around three unlikely teammates- [Angui, Cresil, and Synthia] and their antics on defeating anybody who stands against them. 

let’s start with the brawn of the team. 

This is Angui. A merman guy based off the Frilled Shark. (My favorite animal ever, I’ll have you know.)

He’s a nautilian, from the esteemed Chlamydoselachus family, which has a history of close involvement with the Nautilia* military. He was inducted into the force at age fourteen**. Similar to the country of Switzerland, Nautilia has their military kept extremely strong in case anything is to happen, but keeps neutrality about absolutely everything, if they can. Angui went through rigorous training, only to be plopped down at the outskirts of the country, doing pretty much nothing. By the ag of sixteen, he grew restless, and eventually deserted the military. Knowing Nautilia wouldn’t be safe at all, went to the surface world, in hopes of finding a way to use his training for something better than nothing. Of course, Nautilia does not tolerate anyone leaving the city, much less for the surface. So they are poised and ready to hunt him down and drag him back to Nautilia, despite whatever resistance he puts up.  

He has blue-brown skin, very flat dark teal hair, and cyan eyes with a blue sclera. His eyes are relatively large, but sunken. He lacks a protruding nose as well, simply having two visible nostrils. He has large, ‘frilled’ ears and gills. The first gill goes all around the front of his neck, while the two underneath are frilled, but exist only on the sides. The other three of his six gills are simply slits, running from his neck to his shoulders. His blood is teal. He has very thin lips, and about a hundred pointed teeth in his mouth. The largest are in the front. He has an overbite. Angui also has webbed fingers, that are also pointed, with long pointed fingernails. His feet are similar. He has fin-like structures that protrude from his forearms, that are relatively sharp. He has a relatively deep voice that sounds somewhat gurgle-y. His gills function by absorbing any oxygen from either the air or water, and putting it directly in the bloodstream, expelling any waste products as well. 

He has a stoic personality, not saying much, and preferring to be far from the center of attention. Having to be somewhat in hiding only adds to that. His military experience has made him adept with weapons, and an expert at melee combat. Having the adaptability of a soldier, he is well suited to being in any climate at any time. However, he will act purely on impulse and instinct on several occasions, especially when spooked. His superpowers are the ability to breathe underwater, and being 'superstrong’, by human standards. 

*Nautilia is Angui’s birthplace, and his home for sixteen human years. It’s a city of oceandwellers (Basically mermaids/mermen, each hailing from different 'families’ of sea creatures. The Ornicus family is the highest class of these 'families’. Angui and the Chlamydoselachus family are relatively high caste, but are more fit for being soldiers and guards than nobility.) The city exists undetected in the depths of the ocean, at the bottom of a deep trench that has yet to be discovered by humans. They prohibit any interaction with humans, lest they be raided for whatever reason. Instead, they build up  their military, and hope that they never be discovered. 

**fourteen human years. Nautilians use the marine calendar, where he would be considered 9 tides old. Tides are equivalent to 1.5 human years. 

I’m working on the other digital references for Cresil and Synthia now. The buggers are doodled all over my sketchbook. 

Anywhoos, Angui still has a lot of character development to go, but he’s got a pretty good start, as far as I’m concerned. Given the nature of the universe in this comic, he’s pretty well balanced, without being a flat, useless character. I really like him, to be honest. I actually like a lot of things I’ve come up with for this comic. It’s quite exhilarating. 

The baby’s a-comin’

A disturbance shook within him. A sharp and tingling jolt that demanded his attention like a fishing reel twitching under growing strain. 

‘What did I just feel?’

The feeling grew and it became an excitable gnawing. Incessantly poking at the beast until it finally drew him to it’s source. In a blink, he was there, by Quinn’s side. Careless of anyone else’s presence as he looks to her. To the water pooling around her ankles. 

“What… what should I do?” Unfortunately, he’d never seen a humanized birthing process and was utterly clueless on how to proceed.