Comfort //continued from ask thread// captainjackspants


Jack clenched his fists to keep from slapping her. Violence would just make things worse, besides she still intimidated him, even in this vulnerable state. Instead Jack wrapped her in a bone crushing hug and just sighed.

"Brooklyn Amelia Pond, I thought you were smart. I always heard such good things about your intelligence, and you were crafty enough to pull one over on me…but you’re obviously just an idiot." 

He pulled back from the hug and looked her in the eyes, and spoke in a very slow, serious tone. “Never ever think that the world would be better without you. It’s just not true.”

"But… isn’t it?" she murmured, looking away from him and wrapping her arms around herself. "I mean… maybe it’s not. But it would be fine without me. And maybe the world wouldn’t be better off… but they would, they’d still have each other. And they wouldn’t even remember me, and that’s all they need, all they really wanted. Them. You know?”