Cursed!Killian AU:

Cursed Killian Jones serves as Deputy to Graham Humbert and they’re best friends. When Emma appears in town both of them are smitten with her, especially when she joins them as second deputy. Graham’s untimely death though puts a stop to the impending love triangle and brings Emma and Killian closer together. 

HTTYD Ship Week 9:  Hiccstrid

"There are records of women washing their husbands’ hair in a basin while the men sit in front of them.  The way it’s described…It’s not a duty.  It’s very doting and loving.  Affectionate.  Intimate.  Even a little sensual.” - Wash Day post by dyannehs

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Imagine person A of your OTP as a soldier in the wrong side of a war and person B is one of the prisoners. But then the soldiers receive a message from a higher ranking officer saying that they have to kill the prisoners and person A has to be the one kill person B. (Bonus: Person A has silent tears falling down their face when they execute B)  (Double Bonus: Person C has to drag person A away from Person B’s lifeless body)


Request for when someone takes their phone & texts you! This is terrible though, I’m sorry. It is also really paining me to post because I forgot to add an emoji to Luke’s contact and it’s bothering me but I’m too lazy to fix it ugh
By the way, please try avoiding requests for 4/4 because they’re harder to do. They take more time and they usually all end up sounding the same. Other than that you’re free to request! :)


This will probably make more sense if you read this post

[in case it isn’t obvious, it’s read R-L]

Easily one of the most ambitious fan-things I have ever tackled (and completed!). This comic is 100% traditional media, save for minor touch-ups to erase all the areas where I coloured outside the lines. It was meant to be a one-off, short, fun piece that got crazy out-of-hand, and as such there was like zero research involved so there’s a lot of things likely out of place (like that skyline, woops)

Thanks to everyone who supported me through this, and who sent in heartbreaking ideas to try and help me out (and make me cry).