jesus christ you people, stop comparing men in dresses with transwomen

transwomen can’t possibly be men in dresses, due to the fact that they’re

not men to begin with

they’re not “essentially men in dresses” or “basically the same as a man in a skirt”

they’re WOMEN

as a feminist, it kind of irks me when other feminist say “I can’t believe some women think feminist hate men” or “i pity women who think feminism is about hating men”, because some feminists do hate men. I see “castrate all men” and “men deserve to die women don’t need them” and “men are disgusting scum” posts almost every day. Of course that isn’t what the feminist movement is about, but that is what it’s about for a small portion of it.

<p>I don’t think it’s fair to say “not all feminists” because when men tried to say “not all men” they were mocked and berated all over the Internet for trying to defend themselves. I think feminists need to recognize that there are toxic parts to their movement and not put other women down who don’t want to be a part of it.

The last thing I want is for this self-love and body acceptance movement to become an excuse for people to ignore their doctor’s advice on when to lose or gain weight or eat certain diets.

"I don’t have to lose weight, I am beautiful the way I am!" Yes you are, but you’re actively damaging your body, and if you have depression or something similar, putting strain on your body like this makes everything just so much harder for you. The fact that you might need to gain or lose weight in order to be healthier and happier  doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful.

you can be trans and non-dysphoric i dont understand what people dont get about this
as a transboy i sometimes want a peen but im okay with the fact i dont have a peen??? i am dysphoric but i know non-dysphoric trans and nb people and ???

like what do you expect every bigender person to want both sets of genitals and every agender person to want no genitals??? thats. not. gender???

non dysphoric people can be trans its just knowing you arent the gender you were born as thank u bye

i hate how brazilian media sexualize us like

whenever they interview an international celebrity they always ask something like “what do you think of brazilian girls?”. we don’t give a fuck about what they think, we are not tourist attractions. i don’t see anyone talking about brazilian men in this way


Ugh I swear to god my neighbor is the worst. So I got trapped talking to him today, and the subject of his art came up. Apparently he takes classes in which a woman goes up in front of everyone, strips naked, and becomes totally objectified and everyone basically just views her as a still life. This poor woman means absolutely NOTHING to them, and she has to hold poses for like 10 to 20 minutes for basically no thanks at all.

If you’re an “artist” and you perpetuate this kind of abuse, you’re not really an artist. Don’t objectify people like this because you’re a shitty person if you do.

there is a hUGE difference between fearing and not trusting a group of people because tend to be biased and going out of your way to try and shame and bully anyone from that group back, especially if they have no choice as to whether they’re associated with said group

I just saw a post about self-love advice and one of the points was “Ignore the scale”



I’m saying this in all seriousness, as someone who has been struggling with being underweight in all of his life; check your weight regularly if you know that you tend to have issues with weight that influence your health. And even if you didn’t make any progress; love yourself.  The scale doesn’t dictate your worth, but it very fucking well gives you information on your health. And if you work on getting to a healthier weight, you’ll find that it makes you feel better, too, about yourself and your body.

Bodies weren’t made to be unhealthily over- or underweight, and if your body struggles with weight, you will struggle with life. If you have problems with loving yourself, and happen to have weight issues too, don’t ignore them. Face your weight, and please don’t tell yourself it doesn’t matter, because it does matter. Love yourself for working on it, not for ignoring issues that have an influence on your self-image and health.