I decided to try my hand at drawing  passerinearts ocs. I love her blog and her attention to detail regarding her characters and their personalities.However I am not entirely happy with it. (Hence all the editing) But I really want to practice character design and it was good for me to draw some very ethnically diverse characters.

And the girl at the front with yellow dip died hair (Angestia?) looks super pouty…guess she doesn’t like me drawing her huh

♥♥This is Alexandrina Jacqueleen Beckett she’s 18 years old and her weapon is hidden knifes that she hides under her mini laced skirt.

Her sin and what she’s ashamed of is that she read nsfw novels.

She wears a pastel goth baby blue bra together with a laced mini skirt and a grater under it so it will hold up her stockings and she got some platform dark red high heels. She also have a blue flower crown and some pearl bracelets on her arms.
With all this she also got a tattoo on her back.

I drew her together with Angestia  since Angestia  is my fav sassy sister. LIke I adore her and she’s just so perfect in my eyes. But I mean all passerineart character are just aamzing and wonderful.
And this is one piece out of a bigger piece that will be done this week uvu  ♥♥

ahh oh my gosh finally, Angestia got her magical girl full form updated and I like this so much better than the old one (oh my gosh its like 9 months old) you have no idea… I didn’t make any major adjustments to the design itself, mainly I changed her body ‘cause shes got them curves yeah yeah ; //// ; 

she loves hugging cute girls into her bust and crushing guys with her hips oops

summer days came and went during the time spent in the arms of her sunset goddess; bubblegum hair, skin the colour of scorching summer days and freshly cut crass would entagle in euphoria as morning turned to evening and summer turned to fall. they would weave golden rings out of dry straws in a promised make-believe marriage and the house was filled with laughter, moans and high heels tapping wildly to tango, and the entire world was alive and awake to watch the two lovers drink and revel in their own desire and pleasure.

they would fill their lemonade glasses with expensive red wine, but at last, the wine would turn to beer and the lemonade glasses would turn to broken bottles and glass shards. the world fell asleep and the lovers were replaced by sin. as the season of summer and sun turned bleak, the goddess of sunsets cut off her radiant hair, and bubblegum hair would turn long and heavy, shutting an iron woman inside herself. their sins caught up with them and the nights were filled with nothing but scarce sobbing and then silence, and seasons would pass, awaiting a promised wedding which never came.

minnie and angestia probably miss their time together a whole lot

when they broke up Minnie pulled herself together determined to not let it affect her so she could put all her concentration into her magical girl duties, while Angestia (being more sensitive than minnie,,,) probably cried a lot for some days because she knew it was for the better but ughh they just loved eachother so much. they agreed to break up though, considering they had a lot of problems and grim thoughts to sort out themselves, both because of their past and because of their role as Angels

despite their relationship being rather tragic considering their personal problems, it was also super passionate and Angestia was the only one who is able to reduce Minnie to a 14 year old teenage girl in love?? admittedly she still is, Minnie always lets her guard down when she’s alone with Angestia because they both trust eachother fully and uhghh Minnie goes from a steeled leader with an iron hand to a giggly charming lil Min tbh… the power of lesbians

if the Sassy Sisters every becomes an actual story they will definitely end up together again at the end; both having dealt with their problems, having become better people, they’ve realized they don’t want to die without the other (considering the life as an angel/magical girl is so unpredictable and you never quite know when you’re hit by a huge Sin) 


anonymous asked:

Idk if this counts as tmi but I'm just wondering anyway, does anyone in the house know about Nettines crush on Josephine? Does Nettine hide her feelings or is it obvious to people/or are they suspicious?

Angestia definitely knows and tries to drop subtle hints at Nettine that getting too attatched might not be such a good idea, considering Josephines cold and distant nature. Minnie knows, too, and hates it; she despises the way Nettine lets Josephine do all sorts of experiments on her and suspects Nettine is so lenient because of her crush. Minnie doesn’t trust Josephine at all and like Angestia, has talked with Nettine about how she worries Josephine is using her.

Josephine just wants to serve god???

I can never talk enough about Angestia and Minnie’s relationship simply bc I never seem to find the right words free

The reason they broke up is that they were but immature, irresponsible and big trying to regrow and get back on their right tracks after their Sins. Angestia wanted to redeem herself for crushing so many hearts and splitting so many relationships while Minnie needed to recover from working in a sleazy strip club, and she also wanted to focus on getting her bestie Encarna out of said strip club.

They both know the life of an Angel was unpredictable and dangerous, and they both realized that they didn’t want to form any new, deep attatchement a given the fact that they could die any day if something went wrong; neither of them wanted to gain something new only to lose it to a Sin.

So they broke up because their unstable life conditions and because none of them were actually ready to establish a new relationship, even though it hurt them both. Angestia has since matured and taken her motherly nature as a responsibility and Minnie has become even more of a woman of steel.