What is in my bag! And my bag :]

1. my ipod touch
2. my notebook/journal
3. paychecks, receipts, planner
4. wallet
5. coin purse
6. name tag (TJ Maxx)
7. sunglasses
8. pens!
9. keys
10. lactose pills
11. candy
12. roll on perfume
13. lotion
14. chapstick
15. tic tacs
16. lighter
17. box cutter
18. ear fomies for telemarketing job
19. smokes
20. mirror
21-24. Hair ties, brush, clip, and hair clips


angelswithemotion replied to your post:

hahaha I love you. smiting is the sure way to feel better :p



notthekindwithhalos replied to your post: notthekindwithhalos replied to your post: ✞,…

I slightly get where you’re coming from. My dad’s a pastor, so… Luckily, he wasn’t so fanatical, but I did stop going as soon as I got to uni. I’d probably consider myself agnostic as well.

Oh goodness, a pastor! I don’t think I’d be able to handle that, but I’m glad he wasn’t too fanatical. :)

DSP 2 Week Makeup Challenge Day 7 :)

Day 7:  Do you wear eyeliner everyday?  Do you prefer liquid, pencil, or gel liner?  Review your favorite!

No, I actually don’t! I work nights as a telemarketer Monday - Thursday and I usually don’t work TJ Maxx Monday - Wednesday so I pretty much sleep or lounge all day since I have to be up till 10pm working.

On the days I work TJ Maxx, I almost always wear eyeliner, I feel that since I am working in the public, I need to be a little more done up :p

My favorite eyeliner would have to be Avon’s ULTRA LUXURY Liner or GLIMMERSTICKS Eye Liner. Both go on super smoothly and stay on all day. I love the color choices as well.