probablecannibal asked:

SPN ask: 2, 5, 9, 10, 12, 15 :D

2. Supernatural OTP/ship?
Destiel all the way 

5. Favorite monster?
Djinns (also reapers) 

9. Favorite season?
Hmm…  Well, I’m still on season 6, so I can’t completely answer, but so far probably season 4. 

10. Favorite evil character?
Ruby or Crowley.  Or Lucifer or Death.. 

12. Wincest or Destiel?

15. Best episode?
The French Mistake or any episode with Gabriel.

thanks for asking! :D

 angelsandfreakyaccidents said: why are we stuck at the desk? o 3o

I’m technically working. I work at the front desk of my dorm’s building at night and basically we can do homework and stuff as long as we check people when they come in. It gets really boring because not a lot of people come in after midnight in the middle of the week. =/