Castiel pointed at at the painting where two babies are behind some kind of old dude as you were walking around the ancient church of prophecies and prophets.

“Those blonde fledgeling angels over there are Gabriel and Lucifer. Lucifer is supposed to be giving the prophet, ‘Zechariah’ “The Fig” which is the old European gesture from today’s middle finger. Michelangelo helped the poor prophet to make this.”

 “Thanks for the little fact, Cas, but we need to go find Sam and Dean before they kill themselves.”

 “I agree.”

i. at first, you will not understand what is going on. (but then, did you ever really understand anything about him?) 

ii. it starts like this:
there is something in his eyes like blood and brackish water. a thousand yard stare for a thousand year war. you don’t know what to say to comfort him. eventually, you stop talking about it. 
(i can’t fix us both, you rationalize. i can barely fix myself, and i’m only human.)

iii. the universe looks smaller. you stop looking at the stars. his halo looks dimmer.

iv. you spend more time worrying about passing the science class than you do thinking about his body. you pass your exam with a 100%. you can’t remember where all his scars are.

v. sometimes, after he disappears for a long time, you forget that he is coming back. when he does return, it is out of habit over loyalty. he is more a soldier than your lover. but, in his defense, you two have not been lovers for a very long time.

(the locals cannot stop talking about how volatile the thunderstorm season has been this year.)

vi. i am losing him, you think one night, lying haphazardly in his arms. the edges of the words do not sting against your tongue. you think this thought all night. when you wake, nothing in your mouth tastes like blood.

vii. towards the end, you cut your hand on his halo, trying to get him to look you in the eyes. he is gone seconds later. you wrap the cut in a rag and drive to the emergency room. the nurse asks you if it was a domestic dispute. she cannot figure out why you are laughing.

(feathers swept into corners, a scar on your palm, and an inability to enter churches– this is all he has left you with. you think you might finally understand.)

viii. when you fall out of love with an angel–oh, sweetheart. it was always meant to happen this way.

—  on falling out of love with an angel || m.m.c

wreck-chaos asked:

Hey, do you have any book recommendations about Angels etc?

another person asked “Are you able to do recommendations on books about Angels? I’ve already read books like Penryn and the End of Days, TMI, TID, Daughters of Smoke and Bones, Fallen, Hush Hush. It would mean a lot!” for both of you lovely people:

Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand
The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins
The Dispossessed series by Page Morgan
Angels of Moirai by Nicole Salmond
The Nightfall Chronicles series by Karpov Kinrade
Angel series by L.A. Weatherly
Rephaim series by Paula Weston
Providence series by Jamie McGuire
Mad World series by Christine Zolendz
Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh
Unchained by J. Lynn
The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff
The Premonition series by Amy A. Bartol

Lily Donaldson, Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, Lara Stone, Carine Roitfeld, Doutzen Kroes, Maryna Linchuk, Adriana Lima and Karlie Kloss onstage during amfAR’s 22nd Cinema Against AIDS Gala, Presented By Bold Films And Harry Winston at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on May 21, 2015 in Cap d'Antibes, France.


A smirking face is a testimony
of all that is approachable.
A twister, spangled with black and white,
is a prophecy of a god fulfilled.

Angels, the messengers of heaven,
the protectors, the carriers, the fallen;
have you come to lift me or drag me?

Are you the neglected meals?
The flowers that dream of blooming in the snow?
Do you have any feelings of your own,
or are they programmed to your heart?

When I was a baby, I heard an angel sing
the story of my life in my native tongue,
but mama hushed my cries and told me she was there.

Now, the voice is calling for me once again
from the corners of my room,
from the shadows under the blooming trees,
from above the heavens,
from inside my mind.


By @victoriassecretvideo - @behatiprinsloo #wcw 😍

Loved her at the Dangerous Liaisons segment.

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Lily Donaldson, Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, Lara Stone, Carine Roitfeld, Doutzen Kroes and Maryna Linchuk onstage during amfAR’s 22nd Cinema Against AIDS Gala, Presented By Bold Films And Harry Winston at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d'Antibes, France.


Today’s card is from Denise Iwaniw’s Mystic Angels Empowerment Deck and is the “Archangel Asmodel” card. The word for this card is “Patience” and it contains the message that divine timing is a matter of understanding that you are divine and that your higher self has agreed to determine what is perfect timing for the events in your life. Archangel Asmodel reminds you to trust the wisdom of your higher self and know that you are on the right path. Celestite will complement and enhance the energy of this card. Please feel free to use the code HCTUMBLR10 for 10% off your order.
<3  Stephanie T.