Diego Velázquez

The Temptation of Saint Thomas Aquinas, c. 1631-33

Museo Diocesano de Arte Sacro, Orihuela, Alicante

The painting portrays the episode of the life of St. Thomas Aquinas when, as a novice, he resisted the temptation represented by a prostitute, who is visible fleeing in the background door. According to the legend, she was sent by Thomas’ brothers, who wanted to dissuade him from joining the Dominican Order. The saint is held by an angel, while another is preparing to dress him with a white ribbon, representing chastity. St. Thomas drew on the wall the sign of the cross with the ashes of a torch he used to chase the prostitute away.

Please remember that you have to be in a healthy state of mind when you attempt to do any spiritual work.

Shielding loses it’s power if you don’t have a clear and positive thought process, intentions are tainted if you’re unsure, spirits can attack you if you’re vulnerable, even healing others can be dangerous because you can put negative energy into them. 

Imagine trying to cause a nuclear reaction safely when you’re extremely distracted by other things.

If you’re in a negative mental state, resort to just simple relaxation meditations and chakra cleansing. Or do typical things like take a bath, watch a movie, etc. Don’t go summon or talk with spirits.

I’ve seen horrible damage be done by those who do spiritual work for self fulfilling reasons or when they are in a self-destructive mental state. It always damages them or leads to a bad experience.

Spiritual work is dangerous. Spirits are dangerous. Please take the time to educate yourself before dabbling: give yourself a year or more to really know your stuff before you start reaching out more into spiritual work. And please never, no matter your experience, think that things are safe when you try them for the first time or contact a new spirit. You can still be hurt if you don’t take proper precautions ahead of time. 

If you’d like to read it, I have a post on a few types of spiritual protection

anonymous asked:

I just saw Romeo and Juliet with Sassy Gay Friend, and something along the line of "Calm down, girl, you knew him for less than a week, and you're gonna die?" came up, and I think that's exactly what angels think of Cas? I mean, 5 years are hardly anything to angels. But in that short period of time Cas managed to die multiple times, bring on Heavenly War, make the angels fall, and generally be full on rebel. I feel like most angels are like "I know you're crushing hard but calm down,Castiel"

Heh :D

Well they were already like that in season 4, with like maybe 10 minutes total face time between Dean and Cas, but I can imagine that the latest round of angels putting up with this think much the same just because, like you say, the mounting collateral damage to Cas’s ‘lil crush.

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