The Origin of "-el"

“El” is an ancient Semitic term that derives from a root word meaning “strength, power, and might.” In Hebrew, this term is “Elohim.” Both the term “Elohim” and “El” Have closely become associated with the concept of God. In scripture, the term “El” is a common term used to refer to God, but more context is required to distinguish Him from other false gods around Him. As an example, when God introduces himself to Abram, he says that he is “El Shaddai.” The “Shaddai” is used to denote that He is the “All-Sufficient” God and not any other.

Because the term is so generic, “El” (And sometimes “Elohim” as a plural form) has also used to describe other gods; therefore, the addition of descriptors is necessary to distinguish. Typically, these gods are from around ancient Semitic culture as well.

Often in scripture the term “El” is replaced with “Ēl” to denote that it is a singular important deity. Within various cultures, this deity would vary, but within the Hebrew culture it was used to refer to God.

Today, the “-el” at the end of many religious names, such as that of the angels, is used to show that the indicated individual or individuals are in affiliation with or belonging to “Ēl,” or God. This is seen in names such as: Angel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Daniel, Samuel, Emmanuel, etc.

The “-el” or sometimes more popular “-iel” has taken on the meaning “Of or from God,” an indication to the root of the term.

However, in special terms of angels, it’s also important to return to the root term of “Elohim.” Within early translations, the term “Elohim” was sometimes translated to mean “angels.” The “-el” at the end of their names could be a possible reference to this and serve as less a sign that they belong to God and more a sign of their status as angels. This is still being disputed, though, so the traditional meaning is more likely.

William Strang (British; 1859–1921)
Satan Rising from the Burning Lake
Etching, 1896
In: Paradise Lost by John Milton: A Series of Twelve Illustrations Etched by William Strang (London: John C. Nimmo)
The New York Public Library, Print Collection

So stretched out huge in length the Arch-fiend lay,
Chained on the burning lake; nor ever thence
Had risen, or heaved his head, but that the will
And high permission of all-ruling Heaven
Left him at large to his own dark designs,
That with reiterated crimes he might
Heap on himself damnation, while he sought
Evil to others, and enraged might see
How all his malice served but to bring forth
Infinite goodness, grace, and mercy, shewn
On Man by him seduced, but on himself
Treble confusion, wrath, and vengeance poured.
   Forthwith upright he rears from off the pool
His mighty stature; on each hand the flames
Driven backward slope their pointing spires, and rolled
In billows, leave i’ th’ midst a horrid vale.
Then with expanded wings he steers his flight
Aloft, incumbent on the dusky air,
That felt unusual weight; till on dry land
He lights—if it were land that ever burned
With solid, as the lake with liquid fire.

(John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I)

Your Love Guard Me Through The Night....

TONIGHT I pray that the Father will send angels to break, cut and sever all fetters, bands, chains, ties and bonds of whatever sort the enemy has managed to place on your mind, by word or deed in the name of Jesus. Let all the pieces of a fragmented mind, will and emotions be brought back into proper and original positions where they belong! I pray that you will no longer worry, be afraid or have anxiety.  For it has no place in your life. I pray that this be a time of divine favor and uninhibited access to ordained places in every area of your life. You are blessed in the city and the field, in going out and coming in!  In the name of Jesus! YOU WILL WALK IN PEACE, JOY, WHOLENESS and COMPLETE RESTORATION! So that the Lord may be glorified through you.  In Jesus Name I Pray … Amen and Amen.  I Love You All!!!  God bless you!!!♥♥♥

In evangelion, the whole goal is to become the main species by combining with Lilith and creating more of them
For both the angels and for the humans
So basically
The angels and the Eva are both males fighting to ‘breed’ with Lilith

They both have a red core
And the winner is the one who stabs into that core. Whoever breaks the core first is the winner.

It’s like
The core is like An egg

like with human eggs which ever sperm can swim the fastest too it and bore in becomes the father

In biology there is a type of breeding called penis fencing, (found in flat worms, which each creature is both capable of baring offspring and impregnating others) where two creatures stab each other with their dicks. Whoever pierces the other is the male, the pierced becomes the female.

The angels and Eva fighting are pretty much penis fencing. Whoever wins is the suitable male for Lilith.

It’s Litterally penis fencing with giant robots

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Body by Victoria TV Commercial (September 2014)