Kibum is full of himself. He loves himself more than anything else in this world. He is spoiled and blunt. That’s why he gave himself the name “Key”. Key is everything he ever wanted to be. What he hates most are weak people, people who aren’t able to control his temper but those people end as his little pets. At the same time Kibum is very open minded and if he really likes and trusts someone he will show this person his hidden personality. But until now it never happened.

As a spoiled child Kibum always does what he wants and he realized that his body and looks is what he “can do” best. Kibum loves sex and he loves to present himself that’s why he left his family. He told them that he will go to america for studying. Stupid as his parents are they believed him or maybe they knew he lied and just pretended to believe him. Now he ended up in the Full Bloom Academy to learn about sex.

You have been accepted. Please add Hamin and Seunghyun with your account within three days.

angelkey said:

Thank you lizz! THX so much for your post about the editing-pics issue. I'm so sick of all this shit srsly! If korean TV-channels take their pictures, cut of their logos and use them for their shows the fansites admins are okay with it yes they even feel honored but if they see international fans editing their pictures they close down their website. Why can't we go back to love our idols? I feel like it's more like a "war" between international and k-shawols :/ I'm sorry for bothering you :(

They’re really just.. dumb. Sounds a bit rude but why the fuck would you take down your website? You put só much money in it and then you just decide to quit it because people edit what they love? If I had a website myself and people edited my pictures I’d be as happy as possible, with or without the credits. Some time ago I saw that someone reposted 2 of my gifs of Jonghyun’s ass, the only difference was that she put music with it. I went from a normal mood to a happy mood, especially when I realized she put a link to my tumblr with the post itself. I really just don’t understand why people get mad at such things, see it as a little thank you for what you did, appreciate that people think your pictures are good enough to edit ;-; It’s almost like they’re paying more attention to the edited pictures than the idol(s) on the picture itself.

And you’re definitely not bothering me XD