I am getting ready for Otakon! OMG I"M SO EXCITED OMG OMG OMG.
It will be my very first, despite going to conventions for around 7 years now.
I am very excited to be with all of my friends AND boyfriend. I am mostly packed now, but I am still making the playlist for the car ride which will be around 3 hours ~

Heres the plan I have basically:

Wednesday: Go to Becca’s house and prepare for con things.
Thursday: Leave for Otakon/check into hotel and pick up badge.
              Work on Tsukema Tsukeru the dance :ppp

Friday: FIRST DAY OF CONVENTION. Wander a little.
          Get ready for Lolita Fashion Show/Model for it.
          Moar Tsukema Tsukeru

              Cosplay as Stocking from PSG

              Go to DansutoPantsu (DTP) dance meetup and dance
              my heart out with my friends :3333
              Go to the rave hopefully in Fairy Kei ~

Sunday: Dress as lolita with Angelicapretty :3

I have also been message Tempest Paige on facebook and we are meeting eachother at Otakon as well! Its gunna be a really great time I can feel it already!
I plan on taking loads of pictures and :33333!!!! IM SO EXCITED IM JUMPING UP AND DOWNNN