I built it when I was last here, many years ago… a grand canyon….

She was lovely while she lasted….


Every Anime Opening Ever Made (Or at least the typical ones…)

I was on the floor rolling at lone protagonists sitting in any random place with the wind blowing through their long lustrous locks.

Seriously this is amazing and hilarious. Everyone who’s ever watched anime in their life can have a giggle courtesy of the brilliant person who edited this together.


So this is a basic cosplay armor tutorial. I’d say its about beginners level. 

Things you’ll need: 

  1. Ruler/measuring tape(3$)
  2. Craft Foam (10$ for 15 pages)
  3. Spray Paint 9 (4$ per can)
  4. Elastic (2$)
  5. Hot Glue gun (15$)
  6. Glue sticks (5$)
  7. Painters Tape (3$)

Step one: 
So first off you need your reference picture(s). Usually like 3-4 is a safe bet. 

Step Two:

Pick your armor piece. I started with the arm. 

Use your reference picture to determine where approximately where it should start. I assumed it started about 2-3 inches on the hand and extended about 3-4 inches past the elbow. From there I measured that distance out.

After I measured it, lets say it was 15 inches(I have no idea how big it was). I drew a 15 in straight line on the foam. Some people like to use paper first to test out how the design will go. I say fuck that and just go for it. But if you want to be safe use news paper or some other type of paper first.

After I drew the straight line, I determined the 3 spots I wanted to use to help me draw out the shape: Wrist, elbow, and tip of the armor. I measured out how far they were apart, then drew that distance on the 15 inch line by marking a dash where each one was.

After that I measured what I assumed to be the distance on my body, by using guess and check methods. After measuring it out, I drew the general shape of the armor. 

My arm had 3 layers. the large lower golden layer. The inner lager layer, which is about half an inch in. Then the final Top decorative layer. 

I cut out what I made to be the inner layer then used it as a stencil. I made a second middle layer(because I have two arms).  Then I used the stencil part to make the bottom layer which is an half an inch bigger. And I used it to sketch how big the top layer should be. 

Step 3: 

After cutting out all of the pieces. I hot glued them together. 


Now I do not suggest doing this. With my Athena armor I wanted it to be hard and resistant to breaking. So I thought I should add a layer of resin to both sides. It did harden it. But it caused the armor to crack and have a weird texture. So I’m trying different hardening methods for future armor pieces. I’ll let you know them when I find out. I’d love to hear other suggestions.

Step 4: 

After you have it all glued together do your base level of spray paint. I chose to do gold first because I figured it would be easier to cover it with the tape. So I focused on the areas that were supposed to be gold and just sprayed away. Not caring if I got the places that were supposed to be white. (I also deiced to spray the back sides golden because I thought they might be seen and I wanted them to match)

After the gold dried, which took about 20 min. I used my painters tape to tape away all the places I wanted to stay golden. You can see the pictures up there with the blue tape. After they were all taped up I went wild with the white paint. When the white paint dried you just rip off the blue tape and walla.

Step 5:

Now its time to attach these to your body. What I did is I used the elastic and made it stretch as far as it could before I cut them. That way when they would hug against me and hold on tight. 

To attach it to the armor, I did one little line of hot glue, pressed one end to it, then when the hot glue line dried I covered the end in hot glue. Then copy paste the directions to the other side. One line, then drench it. 

Hopefully someone got something from this tutorial. I still think I need to get better at making these. Any questions ask.