I have to show this one off again. Just finished the beading on the body of the Gray Lady’s cloak! It took *forever* but was so worth the effort.

The hem of the hood will be trimmed in matching clear and sapphire bicones, mimicking the pattern on the hem of the cloak– except not with teardrops because I can see that getting SO annoying for the wearer.

The pattern is Bethany Hick’s Gray Lady’s Cloak, from the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine. All the patterns in there are wonderful :D


Annnnnnnnd the one shawl I finished this summer! Really hard to photograph the colors, unfortunately. The last picture has the most accurate color representation; it’s a really gorgeous shawl and looks really nice on. I can’t wait to get a nice black coat/my northface and wear it around campus.

Pattern: Haruni. Modified the pattern to have a stockinette body because I liked the edge but was worried that the lacy body would be overwhelmed by the gorgeousness of the yarn.

Yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo, Pocion


Ravenclaw Cloak is finnnnnnnnnnnnished! Pattern, as always, is Bethany Hick’s Gray Lady’s Cloak

I finished my cloak two weeks ago and just realized that I hadn’t posted it here yet. I realize most of you who follow me saw this in person the other night, but since I’ve been documenting this lovely thing on my blog since before I cast on… I wanted to see it off into the sunset.

(the middle picture was taken by Bryn Mawr’s photographer and I think technically belongs to my college. so. copyright to my college of a picture of me in a cloak I knit? can I get in trouble for posting it? I should know this).

Also the circlet I’m wearing was made by one of my amazing ladies over at Not Minding the Buzzcocks

I stole it from her for the night. And by “stole” I mean “borrowed” and by borrowed I mean I begged her for one. She’s lovely.


Some better quality pictures + close up shots of the Gray Lady Shawl! I’m about to start the hood, which will be trimmed in white and blue swarovskis to match the hem, since I figured that the teardrops would be a nightmare to wear.

I made these a while back… thought it was time to upload them. Done for a Homestuck knit swap on Ravelry; Thief of lLght gauntlets.

Sylph of Life gloves coming up soon for the lovely Kate :3 but no pictures until she has them (it’s a policy)

Hey guys! I knit, by the way. You all know this. But.

Here’s a 1.5/2 foot of a scarf. A Roxy scarf <3 I keep seeing Roxy cosplayers using SEWN scarves and just going “I’m sad now” because didn’t Rose knit it for her and it’s just so much more meaningful when it’s hand knit. I mean not to say that it’s not okay to sew it, those also look lovely <3 but since I have the time and the ability, I figured why the hell not? Plus it was 2/5 on this yarn IN THE PERFECT colors. So the dark purple sparkles Derse maroon and the lavender is just Rose’s exact purple SO. Had to.

Knit on size 8 needles, knit/purl off and on (is that a garter stitch? I think so) Either way simple, straightforward and it’s going to be hella long.

30 Day Knitting Challenge
Day 2: What is currently on your needles?

hahahahhHAHAHha what *ISN’T* on my needles right now…

*sweater vest

*leg warmers

*3 pairs of gloves

*4 lace shawls

*a sweater

*2 heavier weight shawls


god knows, really. I have 15 active projects on my ravelry profile and probably have a few more in my ‘basket’ that I don’t remember…

30 Days Knitting Challenge– Day 1: What was your first finished project?

My first finished project was either a realllllllllly awful slipper out of red worsted or a scarf I made for my mom… since I only made *one* slipper that’s not really ‘finished’. I do not have a picture of said slipper, so have a mom in a scarf.


“i cant hit on anybody and appaprently i can entertain nary a frisky THOUGHT about anyboby because apparentley evrybodies OFF LIMITS!!!!!”

“Consider this your first lesson in showmanship.”

The Lalondes. Half-assed by me at 10 at night because I finished TEH SCARF and I’m having lots of feelings. Guys I love this scarf and I will probably wear it all the time.

Clocking in at almost 11 feet and made from almost 500 yards of yarn, this thing is easily the longest thing I’ve knitted. It’s not perfect and technically it’s not finished but… hey. Just have to weave the ends in (and maybe block it again, who knows). Also the stripes are all different sizes but you know what? It gives it character.

For those of you who give a damn: I did a time lapse video of me knitting the last foot or so just for fun.

“designed” a pair of Norwegian style gloves today (meaning I found a pattern for the mitten then spliced in a different color chart from another designer and then customized it).

I was thinking to myself “the last time I tried to do stranded gloves I gave up after spending a month and only getting an inch done… but that was two years ago…”

…I’m already 25 out of 72 rows down.

I think I’m getting better at knitting

the cast-on looks like SHIT though. The pattern didn’t specify what to use, and since they’re Norwegian style you don’t need a strechy wristband… so I just did a knitted cast on and the edge looks like shit.

Knitting Challenge, Day 1

(shut up I need to do something yarn related to release my stress. blacklist angelaknits if you don’t want to listen to me talk about fiber).

Day 1: What was your first finished project?

Oh my god my first finished project was this super ugly slipper that I made out of leftover yarn from a weaving. It was bright red, entirely stockinette and horrible. It was bascially a recangle sewn together at the ends.

I made it from the “Knitting for Dummies” book. And the only reason I knit it was because I was so hysterical after the funeral of my classmates and no one was at my house and I couldn’t keep my shit together *at all* that I just frantically knit until it was done. It made me feel a little better… and thus an addiction was born.