"Whenever I’m out with friends, they take the mickey out of me. They go: ‘This is my friend Angel, she’s famous!’ And I go: ‘I’m not famous, shut up!’ I went to a wedding recently and when they were taking pictures, they were going: ‘Oh look at you posing, you’ve done this before!’ But they’re all really supportive and happy for me." - Angel Coulby 1/2

The pride and joy of my crystal and angel business - the Angel2. Precision cut to aid in communicating with God, angels, and your higher self. 

Inclusion-free (as far as I can tell) and it just SINGS with love and the desire to help people. I’ve developed a great working relationship with it in the last couple months. 

It's A Love Story {A Romeo & Juliet AU}

     Verona, {Nothern Italy.}

                                           18 Century.

     The rays from the sun fell in delicate waves down through the clouds, appearing as though it was purposely lighting up the Summers manor. Trickling it’s way across the gravelled path, reaching a young blonde haired girl who was simply sat on the porch, her thoughts taking her into a world of her own. Looking up through dark eyelashes, green hues shone brilliantly against the sun’s light almost like Emeralds. Reaching her right hand up to gently place a stray strand of golden blonde behind her ear, she realized it was later than she had originally thought, the sun only shone so brightly when it was setting, spurting out any last bits of light it could.

     Standing up slowly, she quickly dusted her lilac corset dress down, it would be a sound lashing from her father if she were to ruin this beautiful gown before the masked ball tonight. She didn’t wish to go, but her parents had insisted..or rather told her forcefully she had to, she was the eligible maiden of the Summer’s household and she had to maintain the family reputation and marry the local prince. This very thought sickened her to the very depths of her gut. And yet she went along with it without any fuss.

                    Tonight  was  the  night.

     The night of the ball had finally arrived as soon as it had been announced and there Buffy stood infront of her full length mirror, though her dress was most beautiful, her face showed a sadness and hidden only just was the sorrow in her eyes. Hearing her mother’s calls, she gathered up her skirts and rushed down the stairs, being scolded again for not acting like a lady, she soon slowed her pace and downcast her gaze, walking in silence towards the carriage that awaited them. Reaching out a delicate hand she placed it into the footman’s hand and he helped her inside the carriage. Glancing out the glass pane windows, up to the sky glittering so brilliantly with the many stars occupying it, she let her eyes flutter to a close and made a wish.

                    Please, let something happen tonight.
                                        Let me find my own happiness.

Angel 2° Temporada

Sinopse da temporada: Angel precisa lidar com a presença da agora humana ex-vampira Darla, sua antiga paixão e responsável por seu estado vampírico. Angel sofre uma intensa crise moral durante a temporada.

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2x01 - Judgement

2x02 - Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?

2x03 - First Impressions

2x04 - Untouched

2x05 - Dear Boy

2x06 - Guise Will Be Guise

2x07 - Darla

2x08 - The Shroud of Rahmon

2x09 - The Trial

2x10 - Reunion

2x11 - Redefinition

2x12 - Blood Money

2x13 - Happy Anniversary

2x14 - The Thin Dead Line

2x15 - Reprise

2x16 - Epiphany

2x17 - Disharmony

2x18 - Dead End

2x19 - Belonging

2x20 - Over The Rainbow

2x21 - Through the Looking Glass

2x22 - There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

                        Créditos: Séries Forever