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Angel’s Wings: once edible, now deadly toxic

Commonly known as Angel’s wings due to its smooth and white caps,   Pleurocybella porrigens (Marasmiaceae) had been considered an edible fungus by many, however, an outbreak of encephalopathy of unknown etiology occurred in 2004 in certain areas of Japan after eating this mushroom, locally named Sugihiratake. As 17 people died of acute encephalopathy, this species is now considered deadly poisonous.

Currently, approximately 100 of the known species of mushrooms are poisonous to humans. New toxic mushroom species continue to be identified and some species initially classified as edible are later reclassified as toxic. 

This species is also found in North America and Europe, so, please if you find this mushroom, do not eat them!.

Synonym: Pleurotellus porrigens.

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Photo credit: ©Curiosity thrilled the cat | Locality: Fort William, Scotland, United Kingdom (2013)