No Control (Stadium Concert)
  • No Control (Stadium Concert)
  • One Direction

This is what I imagine No Control will sound live…
More audio edits x

Hollstein Playlist - Oh my love, dont’ fade away
i. reminder - mumford & sons | ii. the chain - ingrid michelson | iii. make me feel my love (acapella) - lea michele | iv. snuff - slipknot | v. what happens when your heart just stops - glen hansard | vi. please please please let me get what i want - the smiths | vii. yesterday - the beatles | viii. running up that hill - placebo | ix. i have loved you wrong - marketa irglova | x. falling slowly - kumusta cover


SURVEY CORPSE - Episode 13: Presence of mine Enemies

With the groups finding sanctuary within the old theater, their hopes of temporary safeness, takes a turn for the worse. 

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Trigger Warnings Below The Cut:

Caution there is references to ‘foul language’ & ‘drug use’ and so on. If you aren’t comfortable with shows like “The Walking Dead’ this may not be for you.

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