Wala ka roon„ so paano mo masasabing tama sila at mali ako? how can you stand for something na alam mo from the start n ur just believing what you have heard. how can you fight for something na ikaw mismo hindi mo alam lhat. how can you blame someone kung alam mo n kung ikaw din nasa kalagayan niya gnun din mgging reaction mo. how could you defend or stand w/ your friend? ni hindi mo nga alm kung nagsasabi siya ng totoo eh. Story makers, tsk. promotor, yan ang meron kayo. Mag isip ng tama, alamin ang totoo. tsk. para san p n binigyan kayo ng senses kung mgging dependent lng din kayo sa senses ng iba. yan ang mahirap sa tao, padalos dalos, one sided, hindi pa alam ang lhat eh padalos dlos na. dears, kilalanin nio kaibigAn nio, make sure nagssbi ng totoo… hm. make sure na loyal yan sa inyo. kayo kayo n nga lang nagsisiraan pa. tsk. oh buhay.

A Tragic End, Another Reboricam fanfic, By Doodle

Rebornica was staring at de sun withs da determine face and then looks at Cam’s eyes with a serious expression, “I sorry Cam,” Rebz said, “but I gots to gos.” Rebby look at the sky witch now has black and white particles. “Noes Rebby,” Cam said with teary eyez,”Can’t u just stay here? Withz me? So we can be taken out together?” Reb look at the sad man and with watery eyez n said, “I’m sorry, but I prefers it if youz alive, as well as ze meme team, and da rest of the world. But don’t worryz I’ll will always be in u heart.” They then hugged Cam really tightly andz soon launch off loike an rocket n into spacez. When Rebz got clozer and clozer into de sun, day close them eyez with a single tear and whispered, “Cam, I’ll will always love you.” N with that they got ingulfeded by da sun… DE WORLD IZ SAVED! :D

Back on de Earths Cam is now leaking da tears and he got on his knees n scream “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU D’:”



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andreatheroleplayer asked:

En el año mil novecientos noventa y siete, un veinti ocho de enero, lloró por primera vez Abril. Todos eran felices hasta que... Chanchanchan, #SuHijaLesSalióRolera. Feliz cumpleaños amor mio, corazón de esos libros. Que la pases excelente hoy babe.

Aw, Andz, muchas gracias. Aunque fue en el mil novecientos noventa y nueve, pero bueno. Pobres mis padres tienen una hija roler:( Besín Andz.

Solar Hike PRO 1.2 APK

Solar Hike PRO 1.2 APK

Solar Hike PRO 1.2 Apk – Thanks for visiting, you are here to download Solar Hike PRO for your android device. This app is developed by andz and got updated on January 19, 2014.

Solar Hike is your pocket Solar and Lunar assistant. It works offline and you do not need an internet connection for getting to know all the tiniest details about the Sun and the Moon. It Has…

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New Toy: The Instax Mini 7s

I grew up in a digital world. And I have to admit, I preferred the digital one. But my love for photography got me into that enthusiasm into having one of the most innovative cameras of this generation - The Instax.

Having one and seeing the camera doing its thing is like suddenly having a nostalgia to the 60s and the 70s. When I first saw it, I thought it was cute! However, when I learned that the film costs a fortune, I was disappointed. But it didn’t kill my gusto in having one. Haha! Honestly, I never thought I would have one until December came. My Baby Andz knew how much I wanted to have one - so he got me one! And I was the happiest girl in the world :)

So above are some of the pictures that was printed using the camera. Next time, may be I’ll post tutorials.

XOXO, Gale