andytheyeti replied to your post: Seriously like in my free time I’m gonna start…

how does one do this. Also I want in on this bizniz

Draw the basic art in whatever program you want (even scanning a sketch is fine as long as it’s fairly clean), then go into photoshop. You’ll be using the pencil tool (in brush dropdown) and the eraser on pencil setting. for color palettes, I lick a few base colors, draw them near eachother, smudge ‘em slightly, then select them and use the pixelate>mosaic filter to simplify the choices.

There’s thousands of styles in pixel art, but I prefer the hard black outline with colored inside lines. There’s a plethora of tutorials on how to make your pixel art look good. (there are some no-nos you have to be aware of avoiding)

The TIGsource forums have a thread with numerous helpful tutorials for those interested.

Looks a lot like my current library! All be stuff I pull out again eventually (save for the clash- they never leave rotation). Thanks for the suggestions!