Today i received a note… i was reading the beginning on my way to my mother’s car but i knew i would start crying so i waited till i got home. i began to read it all over again … i started crying , tears of happiness. I’m glad someone is here for me during these rough times, and all the other obstacles i am going to have to go through , I’m glad I have someone to trust and to talk to instead of keeping it all bottled up … It’s great to know that you’re always going to be there for me , no matter what , i really think you wont let me down like all the other people i believed were my friends , and thought i could trust …I love you  so very much Sandra , and i am so happy you’re in my life <3

chasmsoflove said:

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3. 3 fears : Death, Physical pain and loneliness basically :)

4. 3 things i love: My family, my friends and my girlfriend (coughandsoshicough)

12. How i feel right now: Sleepy, i worked all day and it’s 2am here already lol

26. My closes tumblr friend: my not-waifu that hates me so much :c  ♥ taeyeonologist

29. 3 things that annoy me easily: When someone is lying and i know it, when my work isnt worth by other people, and when someone hate on my girls (SNSD♥)

36. Something that’s constantly on my mind: pretty much… nothing special, i think about a lot of differents things all the time lol



Today :3

And my day was pretty great, big thanks to my lovely loves Sandra and Cris :3 you guys are awesome! You sweethearts surprised me at school with tacos, I was happy and so was my tummy. I think you guys are the only ones who would do that for me… sadly not even my sister -____-. Anyways, i love you too so very much, you guys don’t understand how happy i am to have you guys in thy life. Without you two, life would be boring as shit. Sandra, you and i have to catch up, i miss being able to hug you everyday, i even miss your creepyness :3 haha. I miss always seeing you at my house, and our Piggy Back Ride Adventure of Angie and Sandy. It was trippy, yesterday i was thinking about you cause i was going through pictures then an hour later you texted me. :D . CriCri! ah! i’ve been seeing you more which is good, but i havent gotten enough D:< haha we must hang out ( Dance Central Party with Sandy!) But yea, thank you guys for everything you creepers do for me, i love you guys! 

Super great day! Spent it with my beloved Sandra. Ate yummy food, got to talk, listen to Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens and other bands… must admit she got me into their music. I missed her and out moments, but from now on we shall hang out more! :D Love you pishy! And thanks for this day full of awesomeness!! “What is this, tap water?!”