clivedavinci: welcome to my page you penises, i’m a bit more punkrock and amazing than most people, just beware of the soundwaves coming your way from the immensity of my headbanging brilliances i shake, sprinkle and shart all over this tumblr, i may not be the desideratum to anyone in particular in this life, but its okay, i don’t covet loneliness, i just absorb it and remember who not to channel it to, i’ll appreciate the girl who steps into my life surely, i’m a permanently planted unicorn who comes across many sojourners in life, i get glances, i get eyefucks, i may even get a seeping of heartfelt warmth inside people sometimes, but the inner thought in people’s minds are; i’m weird; i’m creepy; i’m old, rather than- i’m just different, even my few unicorns that i fall for before i even get a chance to love them, totally upheave themselves in abscondence, its just a wiser choice to not know or get to know andyp, you’d be happier, you’d move faster, you’d have more fun through life, compared to a sappy dude who always wants to just cuddle and love, where’s the fun in that huh?

The very kind Mr Pfeiler is releasing this remix for free. Download it from his website:

Check out the funky video:

Buy the album here:

“He is Mr Red Horn’s first supplier of funky guitar riffs, as a member of The Nils Landgren Funk Unit. And he is back once again with a new soulful and funky solo flight.

”FutureMan” is Andy Pfeilers fourth album release which combines classic soul, retro-futuristic funk, with ballads and afrobeat-inspired grooves.”

I'm going to hell

Earlier Andypants & I went on a coffee/New York Bagel adventure, and we were at an intersection with a school bus opposite us, so Andypants is obviously a wonderful person, and he gave the bus driver the right of way. I clearly saw a passenger on this school bus, mmkay?

So the bus was in front of us, and I saw a sign that said, “THIS BUS IS EMPTY,” to which I proclaimed, “That bus is clearly not empty! I just saw someone on it! And she was special. But I mean, we all are.” Then I laughed at my political incorrectness and accepted that if there is a hell, there’s a special seat just for me, complete with a posterboard sign adorned with my name in big black letters: MARTA, like I’m a budding pop star with a reserved seat at the VMAs.


Muses ships: Andy x Nicole

This is how we do - Katy Perry

This is how we do, yeah, chilling, laid back
Straight stuntin’ ya we do it like that
This is how we do, do do, this is how we do
This is how we do, yeah, chilling, laid back
Straight stuntin’ ya we do it like that
This is how we do, do do, this is how we do