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Did your tv have rabbit ears when you were a kid?

I used to watch the Andy Griffith show on a tv like this when I was younger. When we got a color tv, the Andy Griffith show was still in black and white but other shows miraculously appeared in color. It was more than a little bit confusing to my young brain.

'What was really the backbone of the show — we never talked about it — but the backbone of the show and the thrust of the show was love,' he said, 'the deep regard that these people had for one another.'
—  Andy Griffith reminiscing about his starring role as Andy Taylor in a 1986 NPR interview



Ron Howard remembers Andy Griffith’s ‘great sense of humor about life’

Television icon Andy Griffith, best known as the sage town sheriff in the ’60s sitcom The Andy Griffith Show and as a cantankerous defense attorney on 1980s-’90s drama Matlock, died today in Roanoke Island, N.C. He was 86 years old. Friend and former University of North Carolina president Bill Friday confirmed the news to WITN News, an NBC affiliate in Washington, N.C.

We asked Ron Howard, who played Andy Griffith’s son Opie on The Andy Griffith Show, about his favorite memories about his TV Dad.

"There was a fantastic equilibrium between his love of laughter and jokes and funny stories and songs and all that, and then he could turn on a dime and be the utmost professional….If people who met him were to be surprised [to learn something about him] it would be this sort of simple commitment to excellence. This straightforward work ethic that he adhered to in a very unpretentious way with great humility and very few words."

—Ron Howard shares memories of Andy Griffith