andwhuut replied to your post: I have the weirdest fucking dreams. wat was it about O.o xx

Brace yourself …

First of all I was in the swimming pool at my school, but it was empty and my ex-boyfriend was stood at the side of it dressed as a rabbit. and he was like “the fuck are you doing down there, silly bitch?” and I was like “erm, excuse me. Do not call me a silly bitch you stupid rabbit. Maybe I want to be down here, huh? Maybe it’s not any of your business if I want to stand in a swimming pool?!” and then he shrugged and disapparated and then my old history teacher appeared and started screaming at me about my history essay and I was like “i’m not even in your stupid class anymore” and then she turned into a fish and dived into the swimming pool which was now full and the sea and I was on a boat and I was wearing this big old ball gown and it was quite lovely but I couldn’t quite breathe because the corset was too tight so I walked over this big plank of wood that went off the boat and out into the distance and I was just casually strolling over the sea on this big plank of wood and Lauren Graham arrived but there wasn’t enough room on the plank for both of us and my big old dress so she shoved me off but grabbed me at the last minute and then sprouted wings and flew off with me. And then we were in like … a green room or something with the Gilmore Girls cast and they were practising a scene and then started talking about coughing so much it made you vomit and then I was a mermaid and my nephew kept pulling on my tail.

Well, you did ask.

turnsintoalcohol said:

Finally someone with their priorities straight YES FOOD IS WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT ;) and oh gosh yes the sausage rolls ... everywhaaa! and ahaha it just shows youre fashion forward and hygienic? THE BEST TRAITS ;) and yeah i got these books i really wanted like 'wreck this journal and how to be an explorer of the world' because im hipster and whut? ;) and i got some money and a jessie j calender and bits ... SO AWESOME! yeah im the cool kid! xxx :D

I know! All these people going on about “Oh, Christmas is about love and family and Jesus” blah blah blah. Ooh, coool :) It sounds like we both had pretty spectacular Christmases. <3 If only it’d snowed, then life would’ve been perfect xxx

turnsintoalcohol said:

Oh helloo :') Christmas was awesome thank you, it was filled with turkey and cranberries ... ALL the cranberries :'D and yeah no was good! how was yours? Get anything exciting? :') xxx

Goood, the most important thing about Christmas is the food, I say. I had 3 Christmas dinners, a lot of pudding, A LOT of sausage rolls … and I’m quite surprised I don’t look like a tin of quality street yet. Oh Christmas. I got lots of exciting things, but my exciting stuff is never exciting for others. for instance, I got a lot of socks, two pairs of pyjamas and a hideous mug, all of which I got quite giddy over. I also got lots of jumpers and bath things so I can look and smell pretty in 2012 <3 What did you geeet? xxx

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That is the plan! I’ve just had a burger king and I’m getting quite excited which is more than I usually do. Woo partaaayyy.

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Thank you! I was quite proud of myself, especially since it was the first one we did in exam conditions. But it was a very short lived buzzy omg-i’m-so-proud-of-myself feeling because then everything went wrong. 

I just hope my philosophy teacher agrees with us, otherwise he might be a bit cross when I present my colour scheme and bouquet instead of an essay!