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Well, then, that would be why. Australia doesn’t have a standard sizing system. Every brand, store and style can have whatever size they want and label it whatever size they want. It annoys me too because it means I have to try everything on! Haha

this makes sense. But my new black jeans and maroon jeans are from the same store, same brand and everything but when i tried on size tens for the maroon they fit perfectly, and for the black the size ten was so tight i couldnt breathe properly DAMN AUSTRALIA CANT YOU GET ANYTHING RIGHT???

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My boyfriend didn’t really like it either. Said it was as good as a superhero movie could get, but that it was only worth a 4 as well… he did say that was high on his standards because he usually gives superhero movies a 1 or 2… but still ):

Silly boys! Mine said that he hated all the others though (The Hulk, Captain America, etc) and I’m thinking “well why did you agree to come with me?!?”.
Scarlett Johansson is also his dream girl, but he said even she couldn’t save the movie for him.


This has completed my life

My head hurts. It’s throbbing at the back and I don’t know if it’s because I ate coco pops and I shouldn’t have, if I’ve done something to my neck or if it’s because I haven’t had coke (or any caffeine) and I’m having withdrawl. Also, my ear feels like it’s got an ear infection, but I think it’s just because my tragus hurts from the new piercing. And I feel like I need to throw up.