Androon Shehr. (Inner City, Lahore)

I always loved to go to Androon Shehr. I remember my nano used to live there, homes there had their roofs connected and we kids would skip those roofs and would go as far as we could. Those were the days!

Something that can only be witnessed in Lahore. You would see men in suits eating at sides after their working hours. A walk inside the Delhi Darwaza would take you to this spot , widely known for its halwa puri. #lahore #Androon #DelhiDarwaza. (at Delhi Darwaza)

anonymous said:

I don't think Andrew was there when Emma did hers, only because someone spotted her doing it and tweeted, and they didn't mention Andrew. But she was on set, so I wouldn't expect him to be there. I CANNOT WAIT FOR ANDROON'S VID THOUGH.

i love this message mostly because you called him androon. and you also make a good point.