FORT Mech Cellphone Holder

This is a FORT mech model I made from different metal parts of my life.Inspiration from I have read each one mech movies and cartoons.You can see a lot of cartoon’ shadow in its body.It is a static model,but each of its parts are connected with screws,can be removed and modified , each joint can be active.

This mech 8.2 inches long ,5.5 inches wide and 7 inches high. He weighs about 1.8 pounds.


This is Lore, posing as Data, who is really Lore and said that Data is Lore, who is really Data in the episode “Datalore.”

But in reality it goes, this is Brent Spiner posing as Lore who is posing as Data who is really Lore who said that Data is Lore who is really Data turned off in the episode Datalore. (Brent Spiner-ception)


Recommend me more Voltage Otome Games!

I am into otome games on Android platform lately >< and I am just wondering if anyone could recommend me what game to play next.

I am currently playing Metro PD ~Close to You~.

I am looking for a story with strong-willed heroine with quaities (not a damsel in distress ><) and good story and writings.

So tell me what should I play and the reason why should I play it, please ><?