A Mothers Love


Dear Future Wife,

When it feels natural it’s all you want. If it’s real, loyal and worth it you’ll do whatever it takes to protect it, spend time with it, nurture it, cuddle with it and be with it. You say, “He doesn’t force things, it feels natural”. No one will understand us the way we understand us. Those private moments that make you feel great inside, those are our special moments. A simple foot rub for my queen while she let me know how her day went. Surprising you with flowers, your favorite meal and letting you relax for the night. Money can’t buy you love and an investment in your Queen is always the best return. Smiling, laughing, and feeling free forever. These are the simple, organic moments I want with you. Until we meet,

Your Future Husband

📷 #AndrewThomasClifton

what love is… remains so very unique to the people in it

"The Universe is filled with atoms and Adams who wish to occupy the space inside of me. Haven’t they learned that wading in mud won’t lower the stars into their belly?Do you how many many wishes my stars carry, or how many angels had to ascend to heaven to the protect my light? I be to Earth what God be to Galaxies. I couldn’t think any less of me even when you tried to give me reasons." 📷: @andrewthomasclifton
That’s what I call a curve.