Via Cinema Blend (including the other posters in the set):

These posters look amazing, but they aren’t official artwork. Instead they’re the fantastic designs of fan artist AndrewSS7, inspired by what we could be seeing in the future from Star Wars: Episode VII… 

the most impressive one of the lot… is this poster depicting a Star Destroyer crashing into what looks like an ocean… 

We’re used to seeing this massive ship in space without any comparable bodies of land or water to measure the vessel’s size against, but here you get a real sense of scale. 

As you’ll also notice, the stylized Star Wars logo is also tarnished and tattered, signifying that while we’re returning to that far off land beyond our own galaxy, it’s not going to be the same. With thirty years or so passing between Episode VI andEpisode VII, that’s plenty of time for Rebels to start new lives, and Imperial Agents to amass a second wave of attack.

A lovely poster, I spotted this over the weekend and was really hoping it was official but alas no. I can’t imagine the real things will look as good as this. Prove me wrong Disney! ;)