As seen on @WeaverPoje’s Twitter:

4:15 am: Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready for STARS ON ICE!!! #dreamscometrue #justuskids #SOI2012

I add: #how cute! #that happy face #andrew’s sleepy eyes #I can’t! #plzgetmarried

This girl’s name is Patricia, and she’s off to the Air Force. Today was her last visit to everyone at school, and I’m going to miss her presence and always making fun of her accent. Good luck in boot camp and everything else! See you soon buddy.

On Tuesday, I woke up to Serena’s text, and she wanted food. We decided to go for kbbq, and we ate a ton of brisket, so good. Afterwards, we needed to walk off all that meat we ate, and went to the mall to window shop. Cotton On had a ton of stationary things for sale which I never knew existed, and Serena overloaded in their artsy stuff. Then we walked into a store with a crap load of knives, and as we were walking, I looked down and found a movie ticket, and turns out to be the full stub for Amazing Spiderman. I thought it was destiny that I found it because I didn’t watch it yet, and was planning to watch it the morning Serena hit me up. But me being cheap, I went to the ticket booth and asked for a “refund” lol. In return I got a silver ticket, but it expires in two months, so I have to use it soon. Then we went to a bookstore where Serena’s inner nerd emerged and she looked through every aisle and corner of the store lol. I didn’t really do much since I’m not much of a reader. Then we wanted something cold to eat/drink. Costco was nearby and cheap, it was the initial plan, but we decided to go to 99 Ranch for ice cream. But it was nearing time for her to leave because of Asian parents, but it was fine, I had a good day. Lots of good food, spending time with a friend, finding an unused movie ticket, and discovering new things. Yesterday was near perfect. And what a terrible smile I have..