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Heart Skipped a Beat | { Anna & Andrew }
  • Andrew:If anyone looked at her now, they surely wouldn't recognize the sweet and angelical demeanour Anna always had, as she was now acting in a completely different way. A way that he found out quickly that he loved, not exactly because of her harsh way of talking or touching him, but how insanely ferocious she could turn out to be everytime. "Oh, demanding. I like it." He joked, his eyes fluttering shut as her teeth teased his skin. If she was any other girl, Andrew would never allow her to leave a mark, for he had no intentions of letting people think he belonged to someone. The truth was, he belonged to her and he knew it. Hearing her words, the boy laughed and pulled back, his eyes meeting hers for a moment. "If you want my mouth on you, you can just ask, babe," he told her softly, his hand finally making its way against her wet heat underneath her panties. He watched her eyes flutter shut, her lips parting as a moan left them and his finger brushed against her clit. "Louder," he ordered, knowing how much it would anger her, but Andrew was sure it would pay off later. Fuck, it always did. Parting her legs, the boy fell on his knees and licked his lips. He could feel Anna's body quivering in anticipation, the single proximity of his tongue making her wonder about the feeling that would follow and, while he normally would tease her for longer, this time he moved his mouth to her clit, sucking on it harder, determined to have her hit her first orgasm in his mouth. She'd regret ever thinking of leaving him. He would make sure of it.