Jamaican Queens ‘Bored + Lazy’ [Trailer]

Author Andrew Miller reads excerpt from his book Pure at Shakespeare & Co tonight 

Pure has just been translated into French  by David Tuaillon under title ‘Dernier Requiem pour les Innocents’ (

During the interview Andew Miller said author Rose Tremain had been his professor. I was ecstatic -Rose Tremain, my favorite historical fiction writer …


Andrew Miller’s Brand Spirit revolves around a total of 100 well-known objects, of which he has been photographing one every day since the beginning of the project. Miller seeks to remove all visual branding of the product and to reveal its pure form by painting it white. Being very interested in branding and brand design, I find this project particularly interesting. Mostly because you not only instantly recognize the sort of product it is, but also because - along with it - a particular brand name pops up in your head. Miller still has 29 products to go, be sure to check them out.