i just want to be around you all the time, you make me so happy. it was so easy to be comfortable and myself around you, i didn’t feel like i had to try and impress you i felt like just being me was enough. and thats a really nice feeling. usually when I’m around someone i like, i end up getting really nervous and then i just start being really jokingly mean and i don’t like it. but i didn’t get like that around you. it felt so good. 


Andy Hurley vs. Patrick Stump Drum Battle at Monumentour 08/16/14


The Incredible Pen and Ink Masterworks of Manabu Ikeda

Taking up to a year and more to create, Manabu works with a small acrylic pen on 4 inch square portions of very large pieces of paper, that can cover a wall. He produces incredibly detailed impossible landscapes, which grow organically from his pen. He says he has no idea how each will finish.


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Dear Homestucks,

I’m making this post so all of you even here on tumblr knows how cool Hussie is, so if I could have your attention for a second, please.

Probably all of you have read today’s (10/18) update. If you haven’t then go read it now before you continue.

So if you have read it then you have already seen this:


Caliborn’s so called OC, his self insert into his own story. Now, what were you thinking when you saw this picture. Probably “Oh, that’s Jake, getting possessed by Caliborn or something. Also first guardian wings for some reason?”

But what you probably didn’t know is that Hussie didn’t come up with this design and in fact this had originally nothing to do with Jake. Take a look at this:


Pretty neat, eh? I can almost hear you “Oh, that’s some neat upd8 art, but lol what’s up with the sword? Can I haz a source?” BUT YOU ARE WRONG. This is not an upd8 art. I repeat, it’s NOT an upd8 art. This image was posted by forum user Nakkirz on Mspaforums’s Art Thread on 11/28/2010, almost 4 years ago. Also on Deviantart, here.

So Hussie just referenced a 4 years old fanart drawn for an old theory (Jack Noir = Lord English) by an old fan. He could have just drawn a Jake English himself, but no, he decided to reference something that one of his fans created. And that’s one of the things that keeps me reading Homestuck, the fact that Hussie keeps paying homage to fandom schenanigans, even if they are 4 years old.

Keep being cool Hussmeister. ( although putting the source on mspaintadventures would be a nice thing to do)

Thank you for your attention, dear Homestuck bretheren, you may return to your life now.

Edit: Caliborn has commented on Nakki’s post on dA

Edit2: Hussie made a newspost about it, go and read it.

Andrew Rannells, Megan Hilty, Laura Benanti - Tony Awards 2013

Andrew Rannells, Megan Hilty, Laura Benanti – Tony Awards 2013

Andrew Rannells, Megan Hilty, Laura Benanti – Tony Awards 2013 Subscribe Guys. Tony Awards 2013,Tony Awards,Andrew Rannells,Megan Hilty,Laura Benanti,Cyndi L…
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Art or Photography ? High Fashion Fantasy from the great Patrizio Di Renzo

At the beginning of the nineties, Di Renzo leaves Italy to have first experiences in the field of fashion photography. Amongst others, he works in Istanbul for fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. In 2001, Di Renzo returns to Switzerland for a short time to work as an advertising and fashion photographer. A few years later, his work draws the attention of fashion designer Tsumori Chisato who commissions him for an international campaign as well as a store concept. During this period, Di Renzo – who in the meantime has moved to New York/Los Angeles – takes up work on his first book of photographs, „Portraits of Illusions“. The photo book tells short stories with pictures taken, amongst others, in Ireland, New York, and the Seychelles. The photos intentionally drift away from reality - Di Renzo’s motto being: Move away from Realism. The book is published by Assouline in 2006, with a preface by critic Gabriel Bauret. During this time, Di Renzo works with, amongst others, Devon Aoki, Chloë Sevigny, Natalia Vodianova, Dean&Dan (DSQUARED).


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The Intricate Geometry of Sebastien Preschoux’s Thread Installations

His string sculptures are made up of extremely precise patterns of threads, woven often in natural settings, and cleverly illuminated to bring out the intricate geometry and turn these installations into works of art.


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