Andres Amador (b.1971, USA)

Artist Andres Amador is a San Francisco native, world spirit. He doesn’t paint or sculpt. He prefers a medium that is temporary but absolutely beautiful: a sandy beach at low tide. He uses a rake to create works of art that can be bigger than 100,000 sq. ft.
He spends hours creating these intricate masterpieces, knowing that the tide will soon come in and wash away his work forever. (src. Feel Design)

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Andrés Amador’s Playa Paintings

Not all art has to be placed in a gallery; site-specific works are great in turning the space around the work into a masterpiece as well. Temporary art is also incredible, because like sand mandalas, great skill and patience is required to create the piece, but within seconds of completion, it could easily be destroyed. The artist, as well as the viewer, learns to appreciate the making of the piece, rather than the finished product.

What artist Andrés Amador does is combine site-specific with temporary. His land art is created by making indentations in the sand with a rake. Low tide allows for the beach to become his canvas, while high tide washes away his work, allowing for a new, clean canvas to be available for his next ideas.

He may not be Robert Smithson, but Amador’s art is still a marvelous example of how one can turn the land into an art piece itself.

And he even invites others to make the works with him!

-Anna Paluch


Intricately Based Land Art Washes Away With the Tide

by Samuel Medina

Andres Amador has only a few hours to work before the tide sets in. He must wait for a full moon when the waves have fully receded, giving him the space and time to execute his sand etchings. Using just a garden rake, Amador inscribes monumental doodles along the banks of beaches, giant compositions of overlapping lines and vaguely geometric figures which originate from tiny sketches he’s prepared in a notebook beforehand. The largest of his works span areas of 300 X 500 feet and larger, taking several hours and workers to complete; yet despite their size and the great effort dedicated to their realization, the tableaux won’t last through the day. As the shoreline becomes engulfed by the falling sea, they vanish just as fast as they had come…

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Sand Paintings by Andres Amador

San Francisco-area landscape artist Andres Amador etches massive sand drawings onto beaches during full moons when his canvas reaches its largest potential. Using only a rake and often several helpers the geometric and organic shapes are slowly carved into the sand, often interacting with the physical topography like the stones in a zen garden. The works exist for only a few moments, just long enough to snap a few photographs before being completely engulfed by the encroaching tide. Amador has also collaborated on a number of killer marriage proposals, the question popped as part of his elaborate drawings viewable from an elevated distance. You can see much more on his website, and he also sells prints. If you liked this, also see the works of Sonja Hinrichsen and Jim Denevan. (architizerraymond tham, and the artist’s blog)

source. Colossal