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 - What would be your position in a k-pop group? 

hm.. i think main dancer haha :3

 - Favorite k-pop album?

Super Junior - Mr.Simple <3

 - Favorite food?


 - Do you like k-dramas? what is your favorite? 

yeah, i love so much *-* To the beautiful you ^^

- If you could pass the day with a k-pop group, what would you do? and what group would be?

Super junior *u* i will go to a restaurant and talk, cry, so many emotions ;-;

- Concerts you want to go?

SMtown, Super Show, Girls Generation tour … T-T

 - Top 5 biases! 

OMO xD Donghae, Chanyeol, Leeteuk, Onew and Henry <3

 - Do you know someone who says is k-poper and just knows about Gangnam Style?

NO *O*

- Name 3 idols would you like to have as your friends

Key, Baekhyun and Zhou mi *o*

 - Would you marry your bias and leave the life that you have right now?

Yes :XX

 - Song most played on itunes? 

Storm, suju *—*


Okay, now here we go :D Questions :

1- Do you like doramas ? What is your favorite ? :3

2- If you meet a k-pop group that you like, what will you do ? :D

3- Say 4 bias (x

4- What is your most played k-pop song on itunes?

5- What is your favorite food ? ^^

6- How did you meet k-pop ? 

7- What is your favorite girlgroup ?

8- Do you like couples? =p

9- What you think about army ? >.<

10- Why do you like k-pop ? 

11- How old are you? :))