"(Y/N), I ran all this friggin’ way. I’ve realized I was wrong. You’re the one I want."

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Thank you so much to all my followers you have all made this tumblr experience so special in so many ways and I am lucky to have so many amazing writers in the same verse as me! You guys are truly inspirational and inspire me to do better! I have found my niche in this community and have built a group of friends who I hold dear to my heart! You guys are the best! this is why I love tumblr!!! :333

(ΨalliesΨ) This list consists of special people that have made my tumblr experience.

fictusxsmile You my dear are the one that invited me to this crazy place called tumblr! You have been an amazing friend and it’s amazing to have met you! You reached out to me and really made me feel welcome and for that you hold special place in my tumblr family! And I am lucky to call you friend!

bxdraggled AH! my annie, my perfect angel you! You and I joined tumblr together in hopes of finding a more active community in the THG verse. And we found it. You’ve watched me evolve finnick in so many different ways you and your potrayal of annie have pushed me to strive to get to know my character better! I smile every time you come online! I honestly don’t know where i’d be without you! I love all our little memes and threads that we do, and our long ones are tear jerkers for sure!! stay lovely!!

xlucidia Omg! We first met when you made Johanna, and It was almost like and instant bond. And now with Noah and Finnick Omg <3 these two I can’t get enough of! I am grateful to have met you! and I love all our crazy father son threads bwuahah. It makes me smile seeing all the memes in my inbox from you or the funny replies! I know if I need a good laugh I can depend on you! Thank you so much for being apart of my tumblr experience! You mean a lot to me and I’m lucky to call you friend.

itsthefunnysidekickkat You have been an angel sent from above! My tumblr guardian angel! You don’t realize how much you’ve helped me grow in this community! You were the one that helped me figure out what the hell everyone was talking about when they referred to their character as a “muse” rather than just use character. Haha. All the lingo, the norms and do’s and don’ts. It’s wonderful to have people that care like you do. I value your friendship and I adore our threads!! so much I think we have so many. And I love each and everyone of them. 

district8sknifegirl EEEP! you my darling are an angel from above! Sweet as can be! I love all our threads Ole always makes me laugh and her and Finn I know they’ll become good friends and have. I smile whenever you come online because I know that we have amazing time writing crazy plots for these two! And I adore each and every one of them!

seashelltreasure <3 Even though we only recently met you’re someone I can talk to IC and OOC. You’re so sweet and so full of life! I enjoy our OOC talks and we need to rp together more obviously. But you deserve the best! And I am glad to have met you! Seriously ily. haha. 

getoffmysketchpad You’re so sweet to everyone and I know we aren’t as close as I’d like us to be but I know when ever I need someone to talk to I can talk with you. You give the best advise you really do. And I adore your portrayal of portia! We need to rp more obviously!! but thank you so much for just being you!

cunningandcallous-clove This baby who hasn’t been on in forever :P I adore and love and miss sooo much! Seriously she always gives me feels with her our clovnnick threads! these babies are just meant to be! Mun is sweet as pie and lovely to talk too! I miss her sooo much! And it makes me sad that she doesn’t come on anymore I need a little bit of clovnnick in my life!!

capitolwildchild FENA!!!! <3 my darling angel who hasn’t been on in forever either a dear friend of mine who I miss so much and I miss her haymitch too! haha <3 She is someone that i became friends with outside of tumblr on a different site and I mean man she is a fantastic writer and an even better friend. I can talk to her about anything just like the rest of my friends above. She has made this experience special and I just hope she comes back once the waters have settled.

I love you all so much! And I just can’t thank you enough for you input and patience with me. It’s been a great run and I look forward to more roleplay with all of you special gals! :)

(Ψmy villageΨ) those that I adore, these makeup new friends and potential rp partners

animakerma annieodairofdistricfour annied4cresta annabellecresta atoothlessxsmile axetothefacejohanna bedraggledx burntbreadpeeta brxkenvictor bxdragglxd bxrnwithus calculatingvictor corabarre cxurteous gamemakxr lumberjxck veritxs whiskeymitch xcrestax xforeverdeen xlionhearts

(ΨpanemΨ) those that I admire/stalk from afar

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