OKAY GUYS, I srsly need to tell you something, that’s why I’m back for a moment. (I’ll leave straight after)

Yesterday one of our managers told me to come to his office because he wants to talk to me. Well, I was super scared and followed him. BUT THEN HE ASKED ME IF I’M INTERESTED IN MOVING TO LONDON OMG. I WILL MOVE TO LONDON IN NOVEMBER. THIS IS SO FUCKING AMAZING AND I’LL GET EVERYTHING PAID OMG. I LOVE MY LIFE SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. I’M SO EXCITED

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“I am not, Old Sport.” He smiled lightly at him, trying to catch his eyes in eye contact, and hold him to the spot. “It looks fetching.”

"Fetching? Hardly I—!" Tom looked up again, Gatsby’s intense eyes holding his. He never really noticed before but there  was a certain look to them that could burn holes in you. 

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Name: Emma-Louise

Birth place: Northern Ireland

Where do I live: In Northern Ireland

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green, some people would argue that they’re blue though

Birthday: June 20th

Gender: Female

Lefty or righty: Righty

Single or taken?: Single

Happy?: I’ve got nothing to really complain about


Are you in love?: Nope

Do you believe in love at first sight: I don’t really know

Who ended your last relationship: I did

Have you ever broken someone’s heart: Maybe, idk,

Are you afraid of commitments: Yes.

Have you hugged someone within the last week?: I have

Have you ever had a secret admirer?: Not that i know of…

Have you ever broken your own heart?: No

Do you usually spend Valentines Day alone?: Yeah

Short or long term relationships: I would like a long term relationship but I guess it’s dictated by circumstance


Smile or eyes: Depends what colour the eyes are

Light or dark hair: Both.

Shorter or taller: Taller

Hook-up or relationship: Relationship

Funny and poor or rich and serious: I’d prefer funny but serious isn’t a bad thing so idk

Mac or PC?: PC

(there are only six choice???)


Last phone call?: Mummy

Last song you listened to?: Sur Ma Route by Black M

Last thing you ate?: A wrap

Last thing you drank?: Chocolate milk

Last place you were?: My friends house

Last picture you’d taken?: A selfie last night

Last outfit?: Pajamas

Last purchase?: A dress

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