Oh Princess. Hey.

The Kurt to my Finn. (because we’re like, bros, but you’re more Kurt than Puck, so Rae gets the Puck.) Hey. This year has been, wow. And you’ve been there. Every part of it. It’s crazy to believe that someone that lives 109283019283 miles away could possibly know so much about me and my life, but, you do. I don’t know how you do it, but you do. And I’m so so so so so thankful for that. You seriously have no idea.


I was actually going to write one for you for Christmas, but I figured, why not wait till the last day of the year, it’d be more meaningful then right? But then I learnt that you were gonna spend New Years with Rae AND THERE IS NOONE MORE EXCITED THAN I AM! (besides the 2 of you of course) I ship this so hard, you guys don’t even know. You and Rae are the classic example of “love knows no boundaries”. You guys have been through, so, so, so much together and how much you guys love each other, and how cute you guys are together, and how you guys defend and adore each other, I just hope that someday in the future, I’ll find that somewhere. If I even get half of that from my partner, I’ll be happy enough.


And then Lauren, you as an individual, are so sweet, and kind, and beautiful (ohgodyes), and amazing, and so adorable. Every weekend that I don’t get to talk to you is a bad weekend. It’s the highlight of my weekend, seriously. You just, are such a great listener, and I just. I’m so thankful for you. I feel like I can tell you anything, literally. I know, I’ve overstepped the bounds a little, AND I DEEPLY APOLOGISE, but, I’m glad we’re pass that and back to where we used to be. :)


I wish you all the best for next year, because you deserve it, and um, hopefully you’ll get to see Rae alot more, because I’m so excited whenever I see you beaming whenever you get to see Rae. ALSO hopefully we’ll make that Canada/Michigan trip a plan for next year. :) We’ll see about that.


Our song is of course Defying Gravity - Wicked. Everytime I hear it now, I get the chills, and then I think of you, and your love for Wicked. You’re amazing.


Happy New Year Lauren <3

faithfullydianna asked:

tall, crazy, brunette, over 20?, single, gay, lazy, big dreamer, Try three different outfits at morning, flats, curly, lights off :)

I wish I were tall bb, but you got the crazy right ;)

I do try many outfits until I get it right and I can’t stand heels, so flats forever!

Lights off, with nice calm music and maybe a side lamp to read. And lazy as my dog! :P

I love you Lo!!!!! :3333333333333