One of these days.. I’m going to drive over to your house.. Make you pack everything you possibly can.. Stuff the car and take you away. I’ll take you away from this place until you have to go back. We’ll run away. Go somewhere fun and warm and do nothing. I’ll take you somewhere and spend all of my money just to see you happy. Even for one second, I want to see a smile of true happiness cross your face. I can’t stand that you’re hurting yourself. And I would give my life and everything I have ever worked for just so you don’t have to feel another ounce of pain fill your bones ever again. I’m not leaving your side, and I’m not letting you destroy yourself. I’m here, and even if you kick and scream for me to leave.. I won’t. I will take on all of your battles, and talk to you anytime of the day.. Just so you know how beautiful and important you are. I love you, and I need you. And you can’t go anywhere. You can’t leave me.. I’ve let way too many people walk out of my life while I just sat and watched. And I’m not letting that happen with you. Brook, you are beautiful. And I can’t lose you. You need to keep fighting, okay? You’re strong, and I know you can get through this.