is there an active Stargate fandom on tumblr?

I started watching SG1 a little while ago and now I’m halfway through season 8 and I love it! But I don’t really know if there are people out there still blogging about it ya know? 

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There’s a five-minute long stretch that’s basically just Mulder and Scully taking turns getting knocked out, and I love it. She gets hurt; he checks on her and then runs off; he gets hurt; she catches up and checks on him; he points her in the right direction while he’s slumped against the wall. And then she gets hurt again. It’s almost comical, but it’s also a sign of how much trust there is between them. There’s no ego in Scully and Mulder’s partnership. Neither one of them is keeping score of how often they each need protecting. When Mulder crumples up a map and kicks it into the air, Scully catches it. They watch out for each other.

(’X-Files’ Fridays: Radar love via entertainmentweekly)  


David: “I haven’t seen ‘The Fall’; I hear it’s great.  Uhhh…Gilly and I, you know, we talk about acting together.  I never thought…she didn’t…she didn’t…she was kidding about being on ‘Californication’.  She knows that it wasn’t…it wasn’t right.”

Gillian: “I was NOT kidding.”

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