andalusiia replied to your postAhaha thanks! And that’s awesome about all-state. And I hope you make it (I was always a secret fan of yours haha) Seriously though. Your pipes are BITCHIN.

IT’S SO TRUE THO. You deserve for everyone to tell you that really. You were like the Rachel Berry of Madison Choir. Unless you don’t like her then I apologize.

Oh, now there’s a river on my face! Thank you. Really, that means a lot coming from you. I LOVE RACHEL!! I always wondered why you weren’t in chorale. That had to be a personal choice right? Because you always blew my mind with your power voice.  I’m just being nosy you don’t have to answer if you don’t want. 

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Yeah! That sounds like a good idea too. You just have to sound really confident about it. Which I'm sure you can because I'm sure you are haha

ahaha yeah I need to work on that

singing’s not really my strong suit because I’m an actress so I get nervous ashjwdf

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To Sir, With Love is so much better for vocals, I think. I love singing that song. But I haven't heard I Can Hear The Bells in so long so I can't really compare them. But yeah, you should go with Lulu :3

I love the song SO much ohm yfdr

I have both songs on karaoke on a CD, just in case; maybe I can go in there and say “I have this song but if you would like me to sing one from the show, I have blahblahblah” and they can choose you know?

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So I'm trying to sign this Australian petition for the amendment of the Commonwealth Marriage Act but I guess I need an australian post code to sign it and I DON'T HAVE ONE SO help?? Like, spit out one that exists that I can use or something lol

I'm fairly certain Mum posts to 2001 sometimes. Idek, they’re all 4 digit codes though.