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In that final Dean/Cas interaction, Dean asked Cas if he was back, and I was wondering if there was a sort of miscommunication there. Like if Dean was asking Cas if he was back in the bunker, and Cas thought he was asking about his grace. And when Cas mentioned that he had Hannah waiting in the car, Dean looked so resignedly sad. Like it had just occurred to him that Cas was leaving /yet again/



this moment was all about dean fighting the demon inside him so i’d like to point out a few things:

  • on the 1st gif dean is finally healed, his black demon eyes go away.
  • on the 2nd gif the old dean comes back for the first time with a soft and sincere look although he still thinks he’s a demon so he kinda doubts himself for a second or two until sam sprays him with holy water.
  • on the 4th gif he realizes that holy water can no longer affect him and that he’s human again.
  • on the 5th gif all his emotions return, he immediately regret the things he did as a demon.
  • and on the 6th gif, naturally, he tries to keep his feelings intact to show that he’s strong with a little jaw clench.

oh the old dean winchester is back alright, just an even more self loathing version and i’m afraid that it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse from here.

i’ve stared at this gif for so long. this smile means so much to me. because “connor walsh” the persona? that we are given 99% of the time? is nowhere in this gif. everything connor walsh puts out is engineered and calculated. he knows how he looks and he knows how to use his looks. every look, wink, eyebrow lift, every smile is an artisan-crafted edifice that he uses as a tool to get what he wants. 

and here? right here? that all DROPS. it’s probably one of, if not the first genuine smile we see out of him.

because oliver opened the door.

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  • that showdown and Carmilla slapped Danny
  • Carmilla doing what Laura told her
  • Laura and Danny fighting
  • LaFerry hand holding
  • Carmilla being a sass master 
  • Laura sticking up for herself
  • sad puppy Danny
  • sad Laura
  • Carmilla moving Laura away from the window
  • me on the floor crying because of Danny, Laura and all the feelings that I got in 3 mins and 26 seconds