“Octavia was the only person in the world who truly knew him. There was no one else he really cared about ever seeing again. But then he glanced over Clarke, and suddenly he wasn't so sure." 


My babe would never fret none                                                                                          about what my hands and my body’d done….

“You believed me to be dead, did you not, as I believed you to be? We have only lived up to the present time because we believed each other dead, and because a remembrance is less oppressive than a living creature, though a remembrance is sometimes devouring.”

Athos, Comtessa de la Fère - Mylene Jampanoi
Milady de Winter - Nora Arnezeder

Okay. This is what I don’t understand about people who are against Bellamy and Clarke being anything more than platonic:

. You say they have great chemistry, but only as friends.
. You say real, deep best friends of opposite genders is rare, and basically never happens on television without romance or sex getting in the way.
.You say there is no sexual tension, just a connection much deeper, one where they trust and depend upon each other and a romance would ruin that.

But, wouldn’t you want that kind of a connection with someone you fall in love with? I guess I can only speak for myself, but I desperately HOPE that in your relationships you want more than sexual tension. I would hope that you would want trust and companionship and relying on one another. I would hope you would want someone who takes care of you, who knows you as a person inside and out, who is your friend as well as is in love with you and devoted to you.
The connection bellamy and Clarke have is obvious to anyone with eyes, and they have a deep, true friendship that has been built upon the need to rely and trust the other. They see each other and know each other. They are friends.
And that is exactly why I and so many more ship them romantically. They are not wild nights and sexy eyes and dirty jokes, they are real, true, lasting, enduring love. They are the kind of love you cannot wake up from. That’s the kind of love I want someday and that’s why I believe in them so.

I do not understand the idea that a deep friendship connection cannot lead to more. And if you need deep friendships between men and women that are platonic only, either make it in your own life or write your own show. But please stop tearing down the love story we all believe in.

Also I would just like to say that I have never kissed a man I was in a platonic only friendship with on the cheek. Neither have any of my friends. And especially not because I was leaving him behind and terribly sad I would no longer have him by my side.


Thank you.

I just realized...

Bellarke is the only heterosexual ship I truly support right now. I mean look at them…

plus they’re canon in the book series.  

But it’s more than that. They have formed a trust that will never be broken. They believe in each other and know that no matter how many mistakes they make or how many times they are apart, their feelings will not change.  

And even though Clarke left him (again) I know she will be back and they will have a heartfelt reunion just like last two times.  

Now I don’t know how I feel about them romantically because its a lot of one sided stuff (from Bellamy mostly).  Their friendship is deep and they do love each other, but maybe not exactly romantically just yet…  

anonymous asked:

Hey love can you explain to me why we believe there's a new management collaboring with modest? Btw this was embarrassing I hate how he's passing for the bad guy and perrie as the victim. Ugh

I personally believe their somewhat working together. I might be the only blog out there that says this idk but I do have reasoning behind it. 

First of all, it’s almost painfully obvious that the new management takeover will happen within the next few months. There are too many breakup narratives being pushed at the same time for it just to be a random thing. Also, the seeding for Ziam/Larry has also been increasingly more visible which also tipped me off to a change in narrative.

The reason why I think that the new team and M!M/HJPR are working together is honestly because of just recently. The Liam kiss confession is something that is totally against what Modest!/HJPR have built for Liam.


But… On Sunday, (which is usually bullshit promo day) we get this released in We Love Pop Magazine:

Which you’d think would completely anger HJPR and M!M into a damage control frenzy, but then you realize that they had to approve it. Actually, Simon Jones himself seemed to love this article:

He even partied with some people from the magazine on Sunday night…

All of this leads me to believe that they’re somewhat collaborating with the new narrative that the new team with have control over after the switch. It’s a slight collaboration. Obviously, HJPR controls the press so the speculation over Zayn and Liam was somewhat contained with mentions of girlfriends and other 100% not gay bullshit, but they’re obviously allowing something new in which is a nice breath of fresh air.

Bellarke Feels

Season 1 Episode 8:

Clarke- “You want Forgiveness? Fine, I’ll give it to you, you’re forgiven, okay? But you can’t run Bellamy, you have to come back with me.”

Season 2 Episode 16:

Bellamy- “If you need forgiveness, I’ll give that to you, you’re forgiven. Please come inside..”

The only difference was she got through to him but he couldn’t get through to her.. 💔

Blackwall and outdated wooing techniques.

Because when you expect to fight Darkspawn for the rest of your days alone, only to find yourself falling for the Herald of Andraste, it might be an uncomfortable situation.

It would be awkward enough with a Trevelyan, of course… perhaps to varying degrees (perhaps a mage Trevelyan would have only read such things in old books, and wouldn’t know the difference?)    

If Blackwall were to make such antiquated attempts with a non-human Inquisitor…

Would it be better if they were completely clueless as to what he was trying to do? Perhaps even to the point where they misinterpret Blackwall’s intentions entirely?

…Or, what if it’s surprisingly effective? All the others watch from afar—some giggling, some groaning, some blushing—in anticipation of the colossal romantic failure—only to have their jaws drop when Cadash, Lavellan, or Adaar reciprocates his feelings?  

anonymous asked:

I can't even begin to imagine how the ziam fandom must be feeling... :( I haven't even thought about what it means for the larry CO I was so blindsided by those news, and Zayn wasn't a part of my otp.. can you imagine how this must feel like for them??? :( stay strong ziam shippers!!!

I know…I do understand how they feel of course. A lot of them are angry, and their theories are a little bit different than the primary ones I have seen Larry blogs talking about, so they have a slightly different spin on it.

The absolute worst thing is that people are sending them hate, against them, against Zayn. It’s just…this fandom is a cruel and awful place sometimes.

But 100% of Ziam supporters love Zayn and want only what’s best for him. So they will support him and have his back no matter what. Regardless of whether Zayn and Liam are dating, the Ziam fans are exactly the type of fans Zayn or any celebrity would want in their corner. And anybody who says different is just wrong.

Thank You Drabble #2

this one’s for zyixuan bc i’m pretty sure you’ve liked/reblogged most of my stuff and i have ur url memorised by now from seeing it so much haha~ but yes! obvs yixuan’s ur bias but idk which is ur otp so i made a guess??? but thank u for ur support man!


"so we’re not actually studying right?" sungjoo heads straight for yixuan’s bed and dives onto it, grinning widely.

"now that’s where you’re wrong." yixuan shakes his head and drops his bag off next to his desk, taking a seat in his chair, "i am going to get some homework done. you though, i’m not too sure."

"awwwww," sungjoo rolls over onto his front and rearranges himself to face yixuan, "but if we have a break first and then we -"

"nope." yixuan rolls his eyes and spins around to face his back to sungjoo, "remember what happened last time?"

"yeah," sungjoo smiles dopily, "wasn’t that fun?"

"yes but no," yixuan sighs, pulling his books out and spreading them across the desk, "i had to cram my homework on the bus the next day. it was the least prepared i’d ever been."

sungjoo gives up, spreading out to resemble a starfish, “ugh fine. i swear you didn’t protest this much last time.”

"last time," yixuan says distractedly, looking down at his workbook, "i made an uninformed decison."

he hears sungjoo huffing and climbing off the bed, “but it was productive, wasn’t it?”

"when was making out ever productive?"

"uh to your boyfriend’s sanity."

yixuan feels sungjoo’s arms wrap around him and does his best to ignore it, “i don’t think that’s very scientific.”

"it’s called the science of making your boyfriend happy?"

yixuan groans but turns quickly to kiss sungjoo before pushing him away, “and this is the science of patience.”

grantsskye asked:

Do stuff: G R A N T :)

G: What was your first fandom?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (good old days💜)

R: A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships

Barreddie on The Flash?

A: Your current OTP

Do you really have to ask :D

N: Your favorite fandom (for the people; not the thing you fangirl over)

I only interact with people from the AoS fandom and they are some pretty amazing people!

T: What are your favorite male/male ships or female/female ships

Male/male: Jonty (the 100), Barreddie (The Flash), Fitzmack (AoS), Drarry (HP), Briju (Queer as Folk), Coliver (HTGAWM)

Female/female: Simmorse (AoS), Willow/Tara (BTVS)

Thanks for saving me from boredom 💜

i have like 20+ fics that i started writing but never finished and they are all around 30-100 pages, in addition to the ones i’ve published
today my mom came into my room complaining that i “needed to widen my horizons” and “not only listen to those koreans”
she knows i spend most of my time writing though she never reads it and i almost burst out laughing because mom you should only have known

anonymous asked:

Fiora x Garen?


//Gonna put this as an OTP if only because it makes most sense for both of these individuals to hook up. garencrownguard has definitely explained the ship in a lot of different ways, none of which I could state better myself! I wont waste the space here writing these all down again, but I encourage you to go read his own explanations that I 100% agree with.

On top of being a viable ship, I actually see it being built before my eyes. From the ground up through rp between the meathead mentioned above and insolent-peasants. I get to see the chemistry spark to life and the best part about it? None of it bends the character to suit the ship.

Like I said, not only is it viable but even being an outsider looking in, I can’t help but to feel a lot of things when I read their posts ;u;

anonymous asked:

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • How I feel about this character: mY KNIGHT MY SON THE ACE OF MY HEART I LOVE!!! IWAIZUMI i adore him he’s everything i aspire to be in life tbh he’s my rolemodel tbqh 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: oikawa is the main and basically only one tbh!! but like w/ my oikawa answer i dig seijou 3rd years polyamory and i 100% headcanon that everyone on the seijou team + kags have/have had crushes on him buuut i don’t actually ship him w/ any of them 
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: everything i ship always i can also see as non-romantic tbh
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: are there?????? any unpopular opinions about him??????? i think most ppl generally like him i’m honestly not sure what to put here. he’s a True Hero
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: same as my answer for oikawa tbh!!!! but um other than that i also //manga spoilers// will be very bitter if furudate doesn’t include some sort of interaction between him and oikawa/seijou acknowldging that it was not his fault that they lost to karasuno and that he’s not a bad ace bc if furudate just leaves it as ch 148 ended i’ll be so disappointed tbh

eyesfullofscars asked:

You most be addicted to heartache, falling for Abby x raven, instead of clexa. Swanqueen most have destroyed you. I like them too sure but a lesbian ship with a huge age gap on CW is a long shot and probably never happen. Clexa on the 100 is adorably cute and a heart warming break from all the SQ frustration. Make a U-turn now ;)

Well, firstly, the heart wants what it wants. The ship picked me. Also I have only just gotten to the first episode with Lexa so how I feel about Clexa remains to be seen. My guess it that I’ll like it but not in an otp way because I do indeed love my painful ships!

And I also don’t expect Abby x Raven to be canon, so it not like disappointment is imminent lol I just want more fics!

the-devoted-admiral asked:


♣: One thing you love about your Muse.

I answered this in my previous post.

✽: What is your favourite season?

Where I live there is only monsoon and not monsoon but I miss winter the most even though I love the beach. Nothing like blankets, hot chocolate, and a kitten. 

●: If you could say just one thing to your Muse, what would it be?

Hood, stop your shit and follow your fucking heart or you’ll never be happy.

☑: What is an OTP with your Muse in it you have?

Hood x Tea.

More seriously:

No one that I have seen is a 100% fit but Bismarck, Ohio (I know she’s taken dammit), or Lamont even though those last two with their conflicting goals will most likely end in tears and bullets. I’m a sucker for that kinda thing, okay? 

☁: What’s your favourite part of RPing?

Meeting new and interesting people, watching characters grow and adapt… and  “tears and bullets”.

I was tagged by my dolphin

How to do the thing: Choose 5 of your OTPs (any series) without looking at the questions in the read more first, answer the questions with the corresponding ship, then tag 10 people

1. Linctavia (The 100)

2. Stydia (Teen Wolf)

3. Bellarke (The 100)

4. Cordelia/Angel (Angel)

5. Allydia (Teen Wolf)

Here we go…

1. Do you remember episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping number five?

…TBH I forget completely when but I think it was the shooting practice in Anchors

2. Have you ever read fanfiction about #2?

Yes, only fluff ones 

3. Has a picture of #4 ever been your background/Tumblr icon?

Nope, maybe I should…

4. If #3 were to suddenly break up, what would your reaction be?

They haven’t gotten together yet, thank you very fucking much 

5. Why is #1 so important?


6. Is #4 a funny or a serious ship?

(Cordelia invited this goofball to a party, this was how it turned out, with him having a daydream of dancing)

7. Out of all the ships, which ones have the most chemistry?


8. Of all the ships, which ship has the strongest bond?


9. How many times have you read/watched #2′s fandom?

A lot

10. Which ship lasted the longest?

Linctavia, I think

11. How many times, if ever, have #5 broken up?

Does Allison dying to save Lydia count?????

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive?

Linctavia or Bellarke or Cordelia/Angel

13. Did #4 have to hide their relationship for any reason?


14. Is #5 still together?

When Lydia joins Allison on the Other Side, yes

15. Is #1 canon?


16. If all 5 ships were put into a couple’s Hunger Games, which couple do you think would win?


17. Has anyone tried to sabotage #5′s relationship?


18. Which ship(s) would you defend to death and beyond?


19. Have you ever spent hours a day going through #3′s tumblr page?


20. If an evil witch decended from the sky and told you that you had to pick one of the 5 ships to break up forever, which ship would you sink?

WTF, well, Cordelia/Angel bc Cordelia now is a higher being and could destroy the witch and get back to Angel :))))))

I’m way too lazy to tag anyone, so if any of my mutuals wanna go at it, have fun

anonymous asked:

the 100

Okay I know you must have asked this yesterday but I’ve only been on my phone and the tumblr app apparently likes to make people look like soggy asshats by not alerting people to messages. But anyway! 

  • my favorite male character - Bellamy, obviously. Have you seen him? Sorry, I just have character development iN MY EYE
  • my favorite female character - Clarke. Duh. But also Raven. But also Octavia. But Anya was real cool too. This show just has some badass ladies alright?
  • my notp - Flarke, Clarke deserved so much better than Finn.
  • my other ships - Lincoln/Octavia. Raven/Wick. Monty/Piper
  • my least favorite character - Colonius (dunno if that’s how you spell it) but that man is a real asshole. Also I don’t like Jasper very much.
  • my favorite season/episode - Hmm season 1, they’re all itty bitty babies. Probably that ‘I am become death’ episode. Or the bunker/bellarke episode. You all know what I’m talking about.
  • who i would date off the show - Have you been listening? Bellamy. Obviously. But then I’d definitely give it a shot with Lexa. 

Send me a show!


“if you need forgiveness, i’ll give it to you. you’re forgiven.”


anonymous asked:

Show : The 100 or Orphan Black? Character : Clarke or Bellamy ? Pairing: Clexa or Cophine ?

Show: The 100!
I’ve seen only one season of Orphan Black and have a lot to catch up on :)
Character: Clarke is my number one baby, but I love Bellamy too! His character development is so on point
Pairing: Clexa hands down, the OTP of all OTPs and the reason I’m a total emotional mess but I love every second of shipping it

Thank you so much!!