do you ever just look at suho and wonder how anyone can love anyone else ,,,, like i just don’t see what people don’t see in him and it kinda makes me sad….he’s truly wonderful just so wonderful and makes me so proud to love him There’s jst too many things to even begin listing

sqidimus asked:

With the release of Tokyo Ghoul Jack, do you think that :Re will be delayed? :(

As far as I’ve seen, there hasn’t been an official announcement of :Re being animated on twitter nor the official site yet.

If we go by Studio Pierrot’s way of adapting TG, which is around 70 chapters per season, then I guess we might get an announcement of an :Re anime once the chapters get to that number. :Re is still at 31 chapters at the moment, so I think it’s more of lacking enough source material rather than being busy with the Jack OVA release.

Though I’d rather Pierrot would hand the rights to a way more superior animation studio like um, Madhouse but I doubt seeing this happen within a decade at least uhh maybe.

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