the comic book will be done when I think it’s ready to be done, I’m not a comic book artist so mothafuckin duhh my initial attempts at it gonna suck. and I’ve said so plenty of times I been real about the whole shit, I got rent problems and I live in Manhattan with a wack paying job. if youon’t like that and feel tricked cause I aint doin it at your pace that aint my problem. you’ll read it when it’s done and I feel ready. aint nobody gonna try and rush me for shit.

Oh my god I just had a dream about HBHBHB that was so real. Holy shit. I dreamed it got released early on iTunes by FATM as like a surprise to us, complete with all the videos. Idek man. But I literally realized I was dreaming and was like “I know this is a dream but I have to wake up and check iTunes JUST IN CASE.” Silly brain.