I have decided she is the ocean
With words as smooth and choppy
As the waves

She who is gentle and calm
Yet who holds the potential
To wash away cities with her voice

She speaks with endless depths
That you find yourself

Like you do with her eyes
So full of kindness
You could drown

She is the ocean
And all that I am
Is the sailor lost at sea

—  Maybe to you she seems a puddle, but soon you’ll realize you can’t walk all over a riptide.

I asked mum to take photos of my outfit and she wouldn’t’ stop taking damn photos when I tried to get my camera back and she perfectly captured how unattractive if look when I laugh. also my hair is getting really grey

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For some reason people think the females characters in SAO are disposable. Well its definitely not like a certain anime called Free! has any of that. -_- whats wrong with Asuna people sure she was captured but shes awesome still (Plus her english voice actor is gonna be at Dallas comic con in May so my wallet is gonna be empty even more)

I never watched Free!, so I can’t really weigh my opinion on how it deals with its female characters. I never understood the claim that SAO girls were “disposable”, really? Some of them are not main characters in a series that happens to have a considerable amount of side stories, while others happen to have a complete character arc fulfilled in a story that works in sagas. That’s like saying Pokémon’s female protagonists are disposable or something. If that makes them “disposable”, that doesn’t seem to be worthy any fuss, really.

I wish I could go to Comic Con to meet Asuna’s voice actor too, but alas, I live in Brazil. I love Cherami’s voice work in SAO and honestly, she (and the entire SAO cast, really) seem to be really cute, and true fans of the series, basing from the english cast interview. Throw her some money in my behalf!

- Mod Fil


A slave again…this wasn’t the life she had wanted, but none of that mattered anymore. Nothing mattered anymore. It was dark again, so dark. How was it that even though she could be so strong she would get captured and rapped of her life and dignity? Her eyes stared at the ground, it wouldn’t be long until she had a new owner. One who would probably beat her and abuse her like most did. Even if she tried to run her face always seemed to be known, no matter where she tried to run too. They always found her, they always brought her back to this place. She continued to stare at the ground. She was being taken to her new owner and even though they stopped not far in front of them her eyes didn’t once gaze up to them. Her spirit felt so broken that it didn’t matter how they looked, she already knew what it was going to be like. She was dirty and scarred and all she wished was to escape this kind of life.

Hakuryuu had initially been dragged to the auction by one of his cousins, not actually wanting to be there though they insisted he attend. Something about him needing someone to tend to him if he wanted to be a proper prince. Still, he expressed no interest, and only felt sorry for each person that was bid on as he watched on at the horrible treatment, the rough shoving, the exposing of what they looked like to help the bidders decide how much they wanted to pay. It was all inhumane and made Hakuryuu sick to his stomach. What he saw next, though, he was not at all prepared for. 

Morgiana stood on the stage, staring at the ground and looking as though she were ready to cry. Just how was this possible. She was fine the last time he’d seen her, strong too. Was she ambushed? How could this happen? Feeling anger grow inside of himself, Hakuryuu had to grit his teeth and hold it in, deciding instead of lashing out to go for the best option. He would bid on her, and he would win, because there was no price he wasn’t willing to pay if it meat her safety. 

Luckily enough, as the number continued to climb Hakuryuu stuck to it, and eventually, the other bidders gave up. She was brought to him shortly after, still chained and staring at the ground. Hesitantly, Hakuryuu spoke up, everyone else around engrossed in the bidding on others still going on. “Miss Morgiana,” he began nervously. “I… I bought you,” he whispered, “But I don’t plan on treating you like a slave. I just wanted to ensure you weren’t taken by someone else… Someone that would hurt you. If this makes you upset, I am sorry…”

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My kid watching movies is the best thing. We’re on Tarzan right now and she goes ‘NOOO’ every time Clayton is on the screen and during the scene where they’re capturing gorillas she alternates between ‘UH oh’ and ‘gogogo run’.


Now, don’t go thinking our weekend was all tears from me… We had some super fun Mama + Mini Adventures this weekend!

On Saturday after I pulled myself together, we celebrated a tiny friends 1st birthday at the park. Perry now calls the park “Charlotte’s Park” and keeps asking for Lori (Charlotte’s grandma). Lori was basically a second mom to me growing up and Im thrilled that Perry seems to love her as much as I do!

Sunday was pure magic! Perry and I were lucky enough to join little Charlotte again (twice in one weekend is such a treat) at Frozen on Ice! Y’all, she was so excited. I wish I could have captured the amazement in her eyes- she clapped along and would shout “there’s Anna! there’s Elsa!” My momma heart just loved watching her enjoy the magic. It helped that we were practically able to touch the characters and that it literally snowed on us one million times. Pure magic!!

Note to self: never pass up an opportunity to buy overpriced tickets to things like this.


Prompt: Outlaw Queen involving Henry + Robin teaching Henry how to use a bow.

AU - The Charmings, Hook, Regina and new addition, Robin Hood locate Pan’s whereabouts and find Henry. They raid the camp and overpower Pan and The Lost Boys long enough to rescue him. However they only narrowly escape the battle with their lives and Henry in tow leaving Regina behind in the chaos.

After what happened the last time the Charmings went back for Regina, they aren’t willing to take that risk again and unfortunately Henry’s desperate pleading isn’t enough to convince the group otherwise.

Thankfully Robin isn’t about to let another boy lose his mother. He breaks from the group and makes his way back to the camp in search of Regina only to find Henry two steps ahead of him. Robin’s insistence for the boy to return to his family is no match for Henry’s stubborn resolve to rescue his mother; so they form a two man rescue party and make their way to the camp together hoping they aren’t too late.

Thanks to Shawn and Zsazsa for the crazy ideas that inspired this!


There were days when I felt defeated by myself

But there was a warm place I could always go

People I could be proud of were always there

Placing hands on my back and pushing me onwards

The stars are raining down beneath the sky

I cherish this moment; it can only happen once

She [Lea] used to grab me by the shirt at the beginning of act two when we would collect our mics and she would be like -roughly grabs onto his shoulder - “I can’t wait to FUCK you right now!”.
—  Jonathan Groff on Seth Rudetsky’s Chatterbox Feb 6th 2014 being asked about why he and Lea Michele call each other Mom and Dad. From that this story.

Have you ever been in a genocide? I have. 

you just know that watching nat beat the shit out of people is clint’s favourite pastime