Sweet Animated Illustrations Show The Small, Happy Moments in Life

Japanese illustrator Maori Sakai’s illustrations draw inspiration from the micro moments in life that we take for granted, such as the falling of the leaves, falling asleep while reading a good book, the smell of coffee in the morning and other instances, which give us instant happiness. Overall, she hopes to convey a happy and inspirational message with doses of beauty like the presence of flowers, leaves, birds and butterflies. There is a strong element of romanticization in her work. She is subtly asking for a return to nature to find happiness, as well as glorifying the small moments in habitual life. 

A digital artist, Sakai has always loved the power of the animated image. By animating her work, she is able to capture the subtle changes of a scene or the change of mood. She told My Modern Met:

“For some reason, I can’t keep my eyes off the short loop. There’s beauty in nature and in daily experiences. I think most people depend on others or a lot of money to feel this happiness, but I think, happiness is always a state of mind.”


OKAY, Shredder has spent literally months without any intelligent contact with the girl he has the gall to call his “daughter” and has been working tirelessly to see that she’s captured and cured. He finally has his way, but not only does he cure her but he decides to subject her to a blatantly agonizing mind control process to ensure she doesn’t exercise free will and escape him.

And if that isn’t bad enough, after… I reiterate… months without so much as an exchanged word, the moment he has her back under his control he only interacts in only two instances
1. He tells her to attack one of his henchmen to ensure she still knows how to fight
2. He tells her to kill Splinter, the turtles, and the two highschoolers acquainted with them

I was honestly expecting SOMETHING. Some sort of platonic gesture or a verbal test to see if she still saw herself as his daughter, but no.

After all that talk of “I was just trying to protect you” and “why do you insist on hurting me?” the instant he gets Karai back he looks at her the way one would look at a loaded weapon. No sentiment whatsoever because there is no longer any need for sentiment.

To conclude, somebody please cut off Shredder’s arms and legs and throw his stubby limbless torso into an active volcano.

In support of the theory that Imperator Furiosa was once one of the Wives, look at her costume. Her shirt is make up of the same strips of cloth that the girls are wearing.

I have amended my theory. She was a beautiful teenager when she was captured and sent to be a wife. Her mother died trying to protect her. Furiosa fought like a hellcat. She was punished, but kept pretty. And so, she decided she would get out, by any means necessary. Including mutilating herself, by hacking off her weaker arm.

No longer ‘whole’ and suitable, she was thrown down to rot among the beggars at the foot of the citadel canyon. There, she crafted a new identity for herself, hacking off her hair (seriously, do not underestimate the significance of this, when every one of the remaining Many Mothers has long, flowing hair. She hacked away her identity and her arm), making herself stronger, and working her way up the ranks to Imperator. She had a plan. It took her almost 20 years to fulfil it, but she was patient, and she was fuelled by both hate and hope.

Jack never saw her coming, because he never really could tell any difference between his “things”. One wife was pretty much the same as the next and the next, until they were with child. He never remembered the fair-haired rebellious girl who cut herself rather than submit to him. Not until she climbed up on his war rig, and tore him apart.

Katy Perry celebrated in new National Portrait Gallery exhibit

Many of the portraits provide unusual views of famous faces, Fortune says. Celebrities these days are constantly photographed and have become expert image managers. That makes unguarded moments, such as the faraway look that painter Colin Davidson captures in Brad Pitt’s eyes, even more gripping, she says.

Across the hall, there’s a very different painting: an over-the-top portrait of Katy Perry that emphasizes the gulf between the viewer and the pop star. Painter Will Cotton depicts her wearing an oversized cupcake wrapper and crowned in lollypops. Her serious, level stare suggests that she knows she’s being viewed and is in control of her own image — and that construction may shield her true self from public scrutiny.

“Do we really know Katy Perry? I don’t think we do,” Fortune says.

Fortune hopes that visitors come away from the show with the realization that every portrait is a work of fiction, a creation that’s the joint work of the artist, the subject and the viewer. That goes double for the flattering photos we post on Facebook.

“Maybe after seeing this exhibit,” she says, “you’ll have new insight into your selfies.”

“Eye Pop: The Celebrity Gaze,” opens Friday.


Jhune Li is a Filipina photographer living in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her body of work, which largely consists of film photographs, invite viewers into her vibrant, adventurous world. Jhune primarily photographs her friends, many of whom are also female artists of color. She emphasizes capturing them on camera in a way in which they choose to be photographed and portrayed, as she focuses on giving them agency. 

Jhune’s Tumblr // June’s Instagram


Before she became the donut-adoring brat we know and love, Shinobu Oshino was the powerful and feared vampire, Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade! This 1/8-scale figure is based on one of the key visuals for “Kizumonogatari” and captures Kiss-Shot’s determined and cunning nature. She’ll be ready to join your collection this November!


Home 2015 Film


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When Earth is taken over by the overly-confident Boov, an alien race in search of a new place to call home, all humans are promptly relocated, while all Boov get busy reorganizing the planet. But when one resourceful girl, Tip (Rihanna), manages to avoid capture, she finds herself the accidental accomplice of a banished Boov named Oh (Jim Parsons). The two fugitives realize there’s a lot more at stake than intergalactic relations as they embark on the road trip of a lifetime.

➛ Home Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-03-27
Casts : Rihanna, Steve Martin, Matt Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Parsons
Duration : 105 minutes runtime
Rating : 7.3

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Every time we get Daddy! Charming, my heart hurts. Wanna know why?

From the first time David held Emma in his arms, you knew that she captured his heart. You knew that if she grew up in the EF with them, she would be a total Daddy’s girl. She would go riding with her daddy and at royal council (or whatever they call them in the EF) meetings, you knew that she would try to go with David. On the occasion that she would succeed, she would be sitting in his lap, and would be listening intently as if she understood, while David just beamed with pride. 

We saw it when she came home from her date, there was some information that David just didn’t need to know. Imagine what his reaction would be when Emma came home, bursting at the seams with excitement that she got her first kiss. Mary Margaret would rush towards her wanting to know all the details, but Charming would be like “Nope! I don’t wanna know.” But later that night when MM told him about it, he would be hit with a bittersweet feeling- happiness at Emma’s excitement as well as sadness his little beanie princess was growing up. 

Imagine if David was there during Emma’s breakups. He wouldn’t know how to handle it- he would pull the protective dad card and want to go over and hurt the boy that hurt his little girl. However, just as we saw in Season 3, we know that David would put aside those feelings and go over to his little girl and listen to her talk. Perhaps they would sit in silence for a little because he was giving Emma time to gather her thoughts. Maybe she would whisper Daddy before he held her in his arms while she cried. 

Part Two next time. *sniffles*


Legacy Play - Generation 3 - Maria Messer

Maria agreed to sneak away from her cousin’s birthday party so that Erik could speak with her alone.

Maria: So…umm… here we are…

Erik: Yes, finally alone. Can I ask one favour from you?

Maria: Sure anything!

Erik pulled her into his arms and kissed her and she was a more than willing participant in his embrace.

Maria: Not every night a girl can say she kissed the school president. Lets take a picture to capture this moment but then I’ve got get home it’s already past my curfew!

anonymous asked:

I think Lydia's powers are expanding. And she somehow senses what's gonna happen. Then she starts finding bodies and everyone's worried about the imminent danger, and Lydia can't control what is going on inside her head. So maybe her mother sends her to eichen house? Or she decides it's better if she stays away from them (like stiles did in 3b) because her powers are somewhat dangerous since she can't control them? (she threw the guys across the room...) or maybe the doctors capture her? idk lol

yeah i think something will be wrong with her, maybe she can’t control her powers anymore or she is scared by these new powers and she decide to go there

Captured | Anya & Murphy


He was slow and rather clumsy. Well that what he commanders told her as they announced the capture of one of the Skai children.
      “Has he told you his name?” She asked but apparently that was a negative. Pursing her lips the leader nodded before stripping off her large coat in exchange for a lighter, plainer top.

Grabbing a tray of food and water on the way the Trikru warrior proceeded to the holding cells.
     “You must be hungry.” She said softly, her face void of war paint, she actually looked very, well, plain.
      “No one knows your name… what do I call you?” She asked equally as timid.

Happiest anniversary to me and this sweet babe! 🎉 I adopted Gabbi/Chicken 3 years ago today. We found each other at just the right time. I’m grateful for this babe every day. Some days are difficult, but dats luv. She’s always down for a day full of naps or going for a million mile walks and other adventures. Can’t wait to see what we do this coming year. 💛 #chxy

Sidenote: she really wasn’t too thrilled about me having her sit in an open field to have her picture made. 😂 she sat pretty, but totally started crying towards the end because she wanted to keep walking. Sorry babes! Loved capturing her disdain though.

reiimada replied to your post: “It’s alright.” replied Rei and when the tall man had captured her lips once again, she responded with equal passion. 

Tenjiro held the kiss for a moment longer before pulling away“Sorry once again…This is probably very confusing for you, huh?”

shewalksbetweenworlds | Continued from this: [ x ]

                “There is always a choice. I chose you, once. A
                queen with the sky in her eyes and the sun in
                her hair.”

The dreamy tone returned, though his expression didn’t match it. It gave him a more menacing look. It didn’t bother him that the two girls escaped; it showed him how much it would hurt her if she saw them captured and killed. Thranduil couldn’t help but curl his lip at her words, passioned statements of how she couldn’t break free from the agreement, She had every choice, but then she got greedy. They told him all about it, and he had understood. Oh it nearly killed him, that, to learn that the love she said she had for him was nothing more than to keep him and his army within reach, for him to give her countless heirs to secure a throne. There was no love in her heart, for she had none. Her fear was only because she knew that he knew. Twisted explanations to keep him on the current path. He stepped forward, leaving no more than ten inches from her. He could run his blade through her, but his anger kept him from killing her at once.

                 "Now you have this…this degenerate’s child
                  growing inside you! Was it not enough to
                  have me watch you marry another? To know
                  that every night, it was towards his arms you
                  would find yourself in and not mine? To face
                  the fact that I had opened my heart a second
                  time, only for it to be flung in my face? You
                  had a choice. You could have chosen me, and
                  oh I would have married you, for what can a
                  curse do in light of extreme bliss? Too late.
                  Too, too late. I was never enough.“

He broke off then, lowering his head before spinning around on his heel, approaching the other king. There was a sudden pain on his upper arm, and he felt warm blood drip down a gash, which he dismissed. His bladed staff wouldn’t do; no, he’d use the fine dagger to carve out those wide, wide eyes. A soft plea of mercy for him and for the child was cut off by a series of screams, as the spring king’s body twitched violently when Thranduil cut his eyes out. White, gooey balls rolled on the concrete, stopping in the middle of a thick, red puddle of blood.

Leaving his rival to bleed to death, he returned to the queen, his hand pressing against her belly. There, beneath the flesh, was the child of the one he hated the most. A quick force against her stomach would cause her to miscarry, but the dragon’s influence was far too great to ignore. He pulled his hand back and struck her on her cheek, the gem in the silver ring he wore on his ring finger cutting at her flesh. But it was also that sudden movement that rendered another ring free from his inner pocket, and it tinkled on the floor and rolled towards the altar behind Maeve.

                          "My mistress told me to kill you, you
                           know. You and those wretched children
                           of yours. The latter, I would do gladly.
                           But you? No, I believe something else is
                           preferable. A cage. A cage of iron, where
                           you will stay and watch as your beloved
                           daughters are tortured and killed.”

If someone listened closely, they might detect Oberon’s sentiment in his words. It was clear that he had been conditioned to follow a certain line of thinking, distancing himself from the people he had been sent out to kill. Been convinced that they had no relation to him, and that the woman he loved was nothing more than a power hungry, sex starved, heartless witch. Oh he knew that he had loved her once, but that she’d burned him. Now he needed to burn the very heart right out of her: figuratively and literally. Thrandui gripped her by the hair as he pulled her back to her feet, kissing her roughly when she’d regained her balance. But this kiss wasn’t filled with warmth, and he broke off with a snarl.

                            “And when that baby of yours is born…
                             well. I am certain she’ll think of some-
                             thing to do to it. But first, let’s see how
                             far along you are, shall we?”

Without warning, he sliced open the front of her dress, tearing it from her form. She should have fought back at this point, but why she had seemed so…complacent was beyond him. It was as if she craved….

             There is only one thing I crave, and that’s you, my king.

                                    Can I not spoil the woman I love without being
                                    interrogated by a common criminal?

              Here. Feel him. He grows stronger each day. Just like
              his father.

                                     I do believe you are corrupting me, melleth nin.
                                     And I expect this would sate your craving for
                                     both chocolate and me.

The sudden deluge of images and voices – hers and his, as if in a broken montage – gave him pause from running the tip of his blade on her skin, and he huffed. At first he blinked, and a flicker of recognition and horror, flashed in his eyes. As distracted as he was on the fae queen and the sudden stigma that came with the images, he didn’t notice two figures slip in behind him, one holding a glowing ball of blue flame, and the other as silent as the shadows.

I know you’re not supposed to build homes in other people because technically nothing is permanent and why find comfort in something that could disappear but I can’t help the fact that her hands hold mine just right and her eyes are as deep as the fucking sea and I get lost as soon as she looks at me and her heart has captured mine and isn’t letting go. And I’m falling. Im falling hard and fast and I should be scared. But I’m not. Because I know she’s right there to catch me.