Me and My Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular opinion: Black Widow was amazing in AoU.

Unpopular opinion: Black Widow was a stronger character because of AoU

Unpopular opinion: Scarlet Witch was not degraded in the pep talk scene.

Unpopular opinion: Scarlet Witch was more realistic and dynamic thanks to the pep talk scene.

Reminder, since Magneto seems to be the only parent referred to with regards to Wanda and Pietro, these characters should also be recognized:

Magda Lehnsherr (birth Mother)

Django Maximoff (adopted Father)

Marya Maximoff (adopted Mother)

I mean, I get the whole Magneto thing, but the Maximoffs raised them and I kind of want to see more about their backstory with the twins.

Making his way back to his spot on the sofa, Monroe entered the living room and set his eyes on Stitch, now watching the telly, a nerved feeling emitting off of him.

“So..” Monroe began, making Stitch jump slightly “Cupid is working on a surprise for us for tomorrow” 

“Is he? That’s sweet of him” 

“It is. Funny though, how he’s going to be here without us for most of the day. Almost like you’re both in on something I’m not” Monroe’s teased, the corner of his lip curled as he got closer and closer to putting the pieces together.

“You are such a snake sometimes” Stitch jeered, taking in Monroe’s smug face “Fine. Yes, we’re working on a surprise for you in the evening, but that’s all I’m saying about it, okay?”

Monroe’s venomous smile softened into a warm grin as he patted Stitch’s knee

“You’re so cute when you’re trying to plot things”

guys GUYS what if Desert Otherworld is the Night Vale after the world ended? 

i finally had time to draw what i wanted so I drew some Lubin draws /v\

it’s my very last day as a student at SVA and I feel it but not really and I’m very upset and I think i might cry today but that’s just a thought

and hilariously the prof I TA for told me he wants me to leave, not draw, and be at a beach. Soon Al, sooooooon -cry-

i love him so much i cannot tell him oh no

Lubin©moi :U

OK, this is absolutely ridiculous, but I was listening to some Wicked today, and I started imagining ‘What Is This Feeling?’ with Ruby and Sapphire. Like, they meet and instantly ‘hate’ each other, and have this huge musical number about how infuriating the other one is, lots of choreography and dancing and then…they fuse. 

And Garnet just looks down at herself and is like; “Fuck.

anonymous asked:

hey, could you please make some daredevil icons of matt and/or foggy? c: (p.s this is pretty irrelevant but i love your url so much and i've recently gotten into the habit of spelling 'steve' like 'steye' because of it!)

[hawkeye voice]: it would be my genuine pleasure
okay but no seriously I’ve been meaning to make some matt icons so thank you for asking (and that’s pretty much halfway to having a canon url, right?)

usual drill, all the icons in different colours under the cut

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